Rastreo de teléfonos
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"SEON permite verificar qué tan auténtica es la identidad de alguien al encontrar la huella digital en línea de un correo electrónico o un número de teléfono."

G2 4.2 rating

Unos cuantos dígitos arrojan muchos resultados

Nuestro módulo de análisis telefónico toma un simple número de teléfono y lo transforma en docenas de puntos de datos útiles. Conoce más acerca del titular de las cuentas digitales y sociales, identifica eSIMS y tarjetas SIM virtuales y marca la información de proveedor sospechosa.

Análisis de teléfono

Easily identify invalid phone numbers, disposable numbers, virtual SIMs, and burner phones. These are assigned a higher risk score as they are often used to avoid verification steps. Find digital and social accounts connected to a phone number, using alternative data to help you verify users.

SEON is the most comprehensive digital and social media lookup available. Check more than 50+ digital and social media sites for a wealth of data including user avatar, bio, and profile info.

Comprobamos configuraciones sospechosas

  • números inválidos
  • teléfonos de un solo uso
  • números desechables
  • sin cuentas digitales y sociales
  • SIMs virtuales
  • inconsistencias en el código de país y la IP

Conoce cómo SEON combate el fraude

Combate todo tipo de amenazas de fraude

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"As soon as our staff used SEON on a regular basis, they could see its value. It immediately started saving them time as they didn’t have to trawl through the usual checkpoints. So much so, that the time spent by Air France analysts on manual reviews is down by an impressive 70%. Instead, all the information they needed was on one screen with a simple scoring system enabling them to see if a transaction was real or not."
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Eric Facquet
Deputy Manager of Fraud Prevention
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"The most useful thing for us was to be able to see if the email and phone numbers weren’t registered anywhere. We also rely on the device fingerprinting metadata in our scorecard to filter out junk users. We immediately saved about 6% of costs on our automated KYC checks. After only 2 months, we started seeing impressive results. Up to 3 times fewer cases of defaulting customers in new regions such as Romania and Europe. 4 months later, the fraud rates dropped by over 65%."
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Sergey Bogdanov
Chief Risk Officer
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"We were looking at another provider, but they came back to us with a 4-6 months integration window. With SEON, it was literally a phone call, sandbox tests on Monday and by the end of the week, it was done. One other thing I’d like to comment on is the pricing model. It’s really 2022, like for scaling together. The SEON model, it’s now one we actively look for with our other partners. Clearly an organization that approaches work and its customers in a different way."
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Coert Snyman
Senior Analyst
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"I tested some extra rules, and over a few months I managed to push SEON’s auto approval from an initial accuracy of 95% unto 99.5%. Taking the time to update your SEON rules is an investment that gives great results. And the best thing is that we can do so without deploying any software. From an engineering perspective, it is extremely time and resource saving, allowing us to react much faster."
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Phillipp Keller
Senior Product Manager
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"I couldn’t believe how fast the results came,” says Gergely. “Our chargeback rates dropped by 91% in one month only.” Moreover, the number of manual queries and fraud catch rates continued to improve after the initial 30 days as the system adjusted itself – part of the benefits of deploying a machine-learning algorithm to fine-tune accuracy."
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Gergely Kálmán
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"SEON allows us to stay one step ahead as by keeping advantage players at bay we are able to continue offering competitive bonuses with low wagering requirements to our players,” Daniel says. “And the fact that SEON team are so open to feedback and implement the feedback quickly gives us as their client a significant advantage which we couldn’t find with other competitors in their field."
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Daniel Saliba
Head of Compliance
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"It wasn’t just the technology that’s great though, the education side of things helped us understand the types of tactics and patterns used by fraudsters and put rules into place to prevent them."
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Stacey Pickering
Head of Operations
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"We deployed SEON both on our website and web app to gather device data as well as IP and email information. It was unbelievably fast, both in terms of integration and results. In 4 days only, our fraud rates were pretty much down to 0."
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Lewis Bye
Senior Projects and Operations Specialist
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"We overlay SEON’s digital and social lookup with device fingerprinting to get a good indication of whether the phone or tablet belongs to the actual client. We can instantly filter out obvious fraudsters with no digital or social presence, and we get better intelligence to automate our decision making."
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Juris Rieksts-Riekstinš
Head of Risk

Análisis de

Phone numbers are increasingly becoming a form of online ID. You can use yours to sign up for social media sites and to confirm your identity via MFA (multi-factor authentication). They’re also a fantastic way to learn more about an online user thanks to the data enrichment process called a phone lookup.

For instance, a phone lookup will show if you’re dealing with someone in the right country with a legitimate SIM, or a suspicious individual who is wasting your time with junk or falsified data.

SEON checks phone numbers against more than 50 digital and social media sites to deliver a wealth of information such as the person’s avatar, bio and profile info. It’s a key tool to accept good/legitimate users without interrupting their experience – while blocking out junk leads and obvious fraudsters who may damage your business.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué puede hacer la búsqueda inversa de teléfono de SEON?

Un buscador de teléfono inverso te permite obtener información adicional con base en únicamente un número de teléfono. Puedes comprobar si es válido, si está vinculado a cuentas de redes sociales y si es un número desechable, entre otras cosas.

¿Es legal utilizar el buscador telefónico de SEON?

Sí, las herramientas de búsqueda inversa de teléfono son completamente legales. El buscador telefónico de SEON únicamente agrega datos de fuente abierta y cumple todos los requerimientos del GDRP.

¿Dónde puedo conocer más acerca del buscador telefónico de SEON?

Redactamos una guía completa sobre los buscadores inversos de teléfono aquí. También puedes consultar directamente nuestra documentación de la API de teléfono aquí.

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