Detect Fraud Patterns That Human Eyes Can’t

Uncover complex fraud patterns and continuously improve your fraud detection with proven AI insights from whitebox and blackbox machine learning models.

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Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

  • Implement pre-built blackbox machine learning models for instant, superior fraud detection
  • Algorithms adapt to emerging threats in real-time to protect your business from evolving fraud strategies
  • Continuous learning exponentially improves your fraud detection capabilities and results over time


Improve Fraud Team Efficiency

  • Customize ready-to-deploy, easy-to-understand rules and automations to help your fraud team work smarter
  • Use heuristic rules informed by historical transaction data to block fraud attempts in real-time
  • Automatically cluster and analyze email addresses to quickly detect multi-accounting and bots


Reduce Fraud-Related Financial Losses

  • AI-driven threat detection proactively fights fraud for your business around the clock
  • Set customizable risk thresholds to filter out fraudsters while letting genuine customers transact with confidence
  • Identify fraud patterns ahead of time to significantly lower the chance of financial losses

Choose How You Want To Integrate SEON

Integrate directly with SEON’s APIs, or through the AWS Marketplace – the choice is up to you.

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See How Our Customers Improve Fraud Detection With AI & Machine Learning

Reviewer Company
“I couldn’t believe how fast the results came. Our chargeback rates dropped by 91% in one month. Moreover, the number of fraud catch rates continued to improve in the following 6 months, which is the benefit of deploying a machine learning algorithm to fine-tune accuracy.”
Reviewer Profile
Gergely Kalman
CEO at Unbuffered
Reviewer Company
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Reviewer Company
“We saw an immediate 25% drop in fraudulent transactions and when we layered on machine learning, we increased the accuracy of detecting fraud by an additional 15%.”
Reviewer Profile
Lucrecia Vera
Partner at Solventa
Reviewer Company
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Transform Your Fraud & Money Laundering Prevention

“SEON significantly enhanced our fraud prevention efficiency, freeing up time and resources for better policies, procedures, and rules.”

Vladislav Notevskyi, Head of KYC at Soft2Bet

  • Automate 95% of fraud checks
  • Reduce fraudulent registrations by 90%
  • Accelerate manual reviews by 90%
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