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"SEON has allowed us to almost completely automate our fraud prevention process. It is truly a machine-driven workflow."

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Internet shoppers like to get things done quickly and easily. But the easier you make the checkout process, the more likely fraudsters will find ways around your security. Turn the tables on fraudsters by making their lives more difficult while letting trusted customers breeze through.

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Screen transactions with easy-to-create rulesScreen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Screen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Check every transaction as it happens with SEON's lightning-fast transaction monitoring. Run rules designed to watch for suspicious behavior and sudden changes in customer habits. Automate fraud prevention with easy-to-create rules and robust machine-learning solutions that keep you in control, so you can get back to serving honest customers.

Spot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connections

Spot suspicious devices and connections

Unleash SEON's powerful device fingerprinting and IP analysis tools to put fraudsters on the back foot. Decline purchases from suspicious devices or connections, including browsers, tools, and addons commonly used in fraudulent attempts. Block transactions with mismatching info, such as IP geolocation different from billing and mailing addresses.

Defend your customers in depthDefend your customers in depth

Defend your customers in depth

Pair SEON's checkout monitoring with checks at user registration and login to protect your customer accounts at every step. Let your trusted customers breeze through checkout while improving your site's security. Filter customers based on SEON's data enrichment, forcing suspicious visitors to provide more information, park them for a manual review, or block their orders.


Controlling the checkout process usually means balancing security and friction.

Add too many verification steps, and you increase churn. Reduce friction, and you risk processing fraudulent payments, which leads to higher chargeback rates.

With SEON, you don’t have to choose one over the other. Our real-time data enrichment modules give you a complete picture of your customer as they go through the checkout. Gather more information based on data points such as an email address, phone number, device, IP address, or credit card number, and leverage it to build a 360 profile of the legitimate cardholder – or fraudster, attempting to pass off as one.

This profiling information is fed through risk rules, which you can completely customize to meet your unique checkout needs. You can decide what is risky or start using our industry preset rules, specifically tailored for online merchants and retailers. The automation helps you save on manual review times and focus your resources on monitoring medium-risk checkouts only.

With SEON, you can also link specific data points to individual users, essentially giving you unique identifiers for each account. This helps spot suspicious connections between accounts, protect users from account takeovers, and make checkout as seamless as possible for your higher value customers.


How does SEON secure the checkout stage?

With SEON, you can gather a wealth of information about customers, whether they’ve signed up on your platform or not. All the data is sourced in real-time, helping you spot suspicious activity, identify inconsistencies, and recognize connections between accounts.

What data can SEON gather at checkout?

With its unique data enrichment modules, SEON can turn a single data point into a treasure trove of information. An email address or phone number, for instance, will gather hundreds of online social signals from 50+ sources. Browsers and devices give us even more intel, and even the card number can be run through our BIN lookup check – not to mention our insightful IP address checks.

Can SEON help with PSD2 and SCA requirements?

Yes, SEON’s fraud detection system is powerful enough to let you meet SCA exemption requirements, which means you can reduce friction at the checkout by removing 3-D Secure, for instance.

Where can I find more information about checkout fraud?

You can learn more about how SEON works in our Knowledge Base. Here is a guide too about checkout fraud.

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