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"Blocking multi-accounting, account takeovers, and quickly connecting fraudulent accounts are just a few of the benefits."

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Block fraudulent orders, stop unauthorized withdrawals and protect your customers

Account takeovers are a major headache. And with huge data breaches happening everywhere accompanied by flimsy and reused passwords – the problem is only growing. Block unauthorized access to your customers’ accounts to avoid fraudulent purchases, chargebacks, and withdrawals to protect your customers and reputation.

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Block Suspicious ConnectionsBlock Suspicious Connections

Block Suspicious Connections

Use SEON's IP address check to uncover the customer's connection details. Correlate geolocation data with provided addresses to identify mismatched locations. Easily identify scenarios where fraudsters mask their IP addresses with VPNs, proxies, and the Tor network.

Spot Fraud Tools and Shared DevicesSpot Fraud Tools and Shared Devices

Spot Fraud Tools and Shared Devices

Unleash SEON's state-of-the-art device fingerprinting to see detailed information about the tools used to access your site. See which accounts have been accessed from a similar or matching technical environment. Spot common multi-accounting and fraud browsers or plugins, and block emulators and suspicious devices from your platform.

Keep an Eye on Customer BehaviorKeep an Eye on Customer Behavior

Keep an Eye on Customer Behavior

Sudden changes in customer behavior can indicate an ATO. Don't worry – with machine learning and velocity rules at your fingertips, you can see the signs before you have a problem. Is a customer spending more today than usual? Have they placed an order to addresses that don't match their details? Be ready for anything with SEON.

Account Takeover

Account protection is a growing concern for online companies – especially those offering bonuses, loyalty points, e-wallet services, or FX and crypto trading.

Protect your customers’ valuable accounts with SEON by monitoring the login stage for any suspicious activity, which may come in the form of both user actions and data. Investigate customers’ software and hardware configurations to highlight suspicious login attempts.

By looking at real-time connections between device details, browsers, IP, proxy, and Tor or VPN connections, you can instantly stop credential stuffing and ensure only legitimate users gain access to their accounts. You’ll see this displayed in an easy-to-follow and action format on your SEON dashboard.

Cover activity monitoring and behavior analysis with SEON’s velocity checks. Too many login attempts within a set timeframe? Was the password immediately reset after a login? Send any kind of data you want to the system, and create custom rules that effectively let you read user intent by analyzing their behavior on your platform.

Set risk thresholds that only trigger extra authentication when necessary. This way, you’ll reduce friction for legitimate users and add obstacles in the path of fraudsters and cybercriminals who acquired your user’s login credentials.


How can SEON protect user accounts?

By deploying SEON at the login stage, you get to flag and block fraudsters using suspicious devices, IP addresses, and even displaying unusual behavior. Our risk scoring system lets legitimate users log in with zero friction, while medium-risk logins can be asked for extra verification. High-risk logins are instantly blocked – and you get to decide what is defined as high-risk.

Why does SEON recommend device fingerprinting for ATO protection?

Our device fingerprinting module gathers hundreds of data points related to the software and hardware configuration of your users. Identifying suspicious data (anti-fingerprint browser, absence of cookies, spoofed setups, etc.) will point out when someone isn’t the legitimate account owner. This is particularly effective combined with our IP lookups.

How does SEON monitor login behavior?

SEON lets you deploy velocity checks and risk rules designed to look at user actions over a specific timeframe. Sophisticated account takeover fraudsters will log into an account and lay dormant before targeting it. Luckily, you can use velocity rules to continue flagging suspicious activity at all times, including password resets, address changes, and large withdrawals.

Where can I find more information about account takeover?

You can learn more about how SEON works in our Knowledge Base. Here is a guide too about account takeovers.

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