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Fraud is costing the ecommerce industry USD 20 billion globally,1 and friendly fraud, card testing, and ATOs that can result in chargebacks are the most significant reason.2 Monitor suspicious behavior, recognize the signs of stolen credit cards, block fraudulent transactions, and stay safe from fees and fines with SEON's fraud prevention toolset.

1Juniper Research, Fighting Online Payment Fraud in 2022 & Beyond

2Statista, Most common types of fraud attacks experienced by online merchants worldwide in 2021

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Screen transactions with easy-to-create rulesScreen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Screen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Create custom rules easily to monitor suspicious transactions in SEON's rule engine. Open our Admin Panel to define no-code rules on the fly and test them in a sandbox or against recent transactions. Set up simple rules that trigger based on transaction amount or comprehensive velocity rules that monitor suspicious user behavior.

Spot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connections

Spot suspicious devices and connections

Unleash SEON's powerful device fingerprinting and IP analysis tools to put fraudsters on the back foot. Decline purchases from suspicious devices or connections, including browsers, tools, and addons commonly used in fraudulent attempts. Block transactions with mismatching info, such as IP geolocation different from billing and mailing addresses.

Accelerate chargeback dispute handlingAccelerate chargeback dispute handling

Accelerate chargeback dispute handling

Counter friendly fraud effectively with SEON. Collect hundreds of data points automatically using our data enrichment and device fingerprinting tools to support your chargeback dispute handling. Export all data connected to a transaction and a customer's transaction history with a single click.

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SEON’s tools are designed to tell you exactly which payments are risky, and why. That involves extracting metadata from the card number but also compiling a digital footprint of the cardholder to catch all types of fraud.

The goal? To help you prevent and dispute chargeback fraud better than ever. Whether you’re dealing with criminals who pay using stolen credit card numbers or the less obvious friendly fraud, SEON is here to help.

Enrich data based on a single email address or phone number and link it to the user’s online accounts. Run a BIN lookup on the card to instantly see if it’s pre-paid, where it was issued, and if there are any validity concerns. Technical data such as IP addresses and device configurations are also key indicators of fraudulent users.

When it comes to fighting friendly fraud chargebacks, the same rules apply. Gather all payment and user information in one place thanks to SEON’s outstanding UX and reporting features. You can even spot suspicious connections between accounts to stop fraud rings and multi-accounting.

Best of all, SEON’s digital footprint analysis tool acts as a form of identification, allowing you to control the payment stage without any friction – and even letting you meet Strong Customer Authentication requirements for PSD2.


How does SEON help with chargeback fraud?

SEON lets you gather hundreds of data points relating to the customer’s online identity, device, card number, IP and more. All this data helps you run risk checks which automatically flag fraudulent payments so you can stop them before they turn into chargebacks.

Can SEON help with friendly fraud chargebacks?

Yes. All the data you gather about the customer and transaction is securely stored and available in customizable reports. That means you can submit it as evidence that the cardholder was indeed in charge of the transaction, and that order fulfillment was as expected.

Does SEON offer chargeback fraud dispute resolution?

No. SEON can be deployed as a full end-to-end fraud prevention solution, or you can pick and choose the API modules that help your chargeback prevention strategy. While we offer powerful reporting features, you’ll need to present the data yourself in case of a dispute.

Where can I find more information about chargeback fraud?

You can learn more about how SEON works in our Knowledge Base. Here is a guide too about chargeback fraud.

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