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SEON helped us reduce multi-accounting, bonus abuse, affiliate fraud, self-exclusion fraud, and more. The amount of time saved on manual checks is huge.

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Cut back on review times, fight bonus abuse, and prevent self-exclusion fraud

Connect the dots faster – automate manual reviews, discover common fraud patterns and stop abusers at the first touchpoint.

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Block Suspicious ConnectionsBlock Suspicious Connections

Block Suspicious Connections

Use SEON's IP address check to uncover the customer's connection details. Correlate geolocation data with provided addresses to identify mismatched locations. Easily identify tools used by fraudsters to mask their IP address, such as VPNs, proxies, and the Tor network.

Spot Fraud Tools and Shared DevicesSpot Fraud Tools and Shared DevicesSpot Fraud Tools and Shared Devices

Spot Fraud Tools and Shared Devices

Unleash SEON's state-of-the-art device fingerprinting to put suspicious logins on the backfoot. See detailed information about the devices used to access your site. Compare a user's current and past devices, spot common fraud tools, and block emulators and suspicious browsers before they can harm your customers.

Discover Behavioral PatternsDiscover Behavioral Patterns

Discover Behavioral Patterns

Analyze human behavior and spot suspicious players right away. Identify fraud hotspots and flag unusual activities to prevent bonus abuse. Rely on our default rules for quick wins, or roll out advanced custom rules to track suspicious actions: like withdrawal of chip-dumping soon after account creation.

Bonus Abuse

Offering bonuses to new customers is a fantastic marketing tool. It’s also a double-edged sword. It attracts fraudsters who create multiple accounts in order to refer themselves, trigger multiple promos, and exploit your generosity.

SEON is designed to let you identify connections that point to multi-accounting. Based on the user’s digital footprint, the configuration of software and hardware, or even behavior, you can establish patterns that let you spot suspiciously similar accounts.

Run SEON’s device fingerprinting, email and phone lookup, or even IP and Card BIN Lookup to extract as much metadata as possible about the person signing up with your bonus. You may even tag connections coming from specific affiliates to get a better view of the quality of your referrals.

All that data is gathered and fed through risk rules, allowing you to determine if the bonus offer is going to a legitimate customer or not. For instance, you can look at users who share a similar device and password – even when they try to spoof their data using privacy-enhancing tools.

Last but not least, you can use our special customer connection widget, which highlights shared data points between users in a visual way. Take out multiple accounts created by opportunistic customers or sophisticated fraud rings in one swell swoop.


How do you detect bonus abuse with SEON?

To detect bonus abuse, you must understand how fraudsters create multiple accounts. The easiest way to spot connections between these accounts is to deploy a combination of device fingerprinting, IP analysis, and email and phone lookup. This will help you profile users with hundreds of data points, which you can cross-reference to unveil suspicious connections.

What kind of bonus abuse can SEON prevent?

By deploying our Fraud API, you can block signup bonuses, promo abuse, coupon fraud, and referral fraud. You can even catch customers who focus on a specific kind of promo, for instance, with some offers designed for iGaming customers.

Why is stopping bonus abuse important for my business?

When you give out a bonus to a fraudster, you lose potential revenue and attract more criminals. This means they will have no qualms about exploiting your business in other ways. To make matters worse, they create fraudulent accounts using stolen IDs and credit cards, which can have negative consequences for your compliance or chargeback rates.

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