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Pay For Only What You Use

Fully flexible pricing based on the number of API requests per month.

Flexible pricing

API calls start at €0.03 per API call


$299/ month


  • Pick and mix modular APIs
  • 50+ digital and social media lookups
  • Default, Custom & Machine Learning Rules
  • Unlimited users
  • Payment will be processed in EUR based on currency exchange rate at the time of payment processing.
  • Discounts available for annual commitments.
  • Volume pricing is available for more than 25k API calls.

Transparent, modular pricing

Use each API on its own, or combine for deeper insights

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Enter your usage below to get an estimated monthly fee.

from €0.06 / API call1

from €0.06 / API call1

from €0.03 / API call1

from €0.1045 / API call1

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Email API
Phone API
Combined API2
Estimated monthly quote

Fraud API, Email verification API, BIN API

  • Using these APIs on their own = €0.03 per API call
  • Using these APIs in combination with any of the APIs featured above = free

Label API, List API, Self-exclusion API, Exclude User from Rule API, Erase API = free

1Volume pricing is available for more than 25k API calls. Bigger discounts are also available for min 12 months commitment. Talk to us, if you're interested.

2If you make all 3 API calls in one request.

email analyze

Email Module

Find digital and social profiles connected to an email plus in-depth email and domain verification.

phone number analysis

Phone Module

Find digital and social profiles connected to a phone number plus in-depth CNAM and HLR details.

ip and user location analysis module

IP Module

Detect proxies, VPNs and fake IPs. Identify malicious IPs used in SSH brute force attacks and hacking attempts.

bin lookup

BIN Module

Get details about a card's bank, issuer, country, type and validity from any BIN number off a card.

fraud apis

Fraud APIs

Our Fraud API combines Email, Phone, IP and device fingerprinting into one neat API call.

device fingerprinting module

Device Fingerprinting

Recognize suspicious tools, setups and settings on desktops and mobiles. Available as JS and Android & iOS SDKs.

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