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"We've stopped fraud rings, gambling addicts, credit card fraudsters, and bonus abusers. Thanks to the ability to create rules and block suspicious logins and payments."

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Block stolen credit cards, counter friendly fraud, reduce refund abuse

Increase customer trust while protecting your stock and bottom line from fraudsters. Check purchases on the fly and filter out stolen credit cards, triangulation attempts, and cases of possible identity theft. Protect user accounts and funds while staying safe from fees and fines with SEON's fraud prevention toolset.

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Flag suspicious activityFlag suspicious activity

Flag suspicious activity

Catch unwanted activity by monitoring hundreds of data points collected by SEON. Is someone spending more than usual? Does the shipping address name match the cardholder's name? Is this the fourth order in an hour with the same card? Rely on our default rules for quick wins, or roll out advanced custom rules to track changes in behavior and block risks unique to your business.

Reveal payment card informationReveal payment card information

Reveal payment card information

Uncover payment card details with SEON's Card BIN search. Easily identify credit cards, including pre-paid and gift cards. Stop suspicious card use by checking 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9-digit BINs to confirm a card's issuing bank and country of origin. Match and compare card details to discover inconsistencies and block fraudsters before they can hurt your business.

Spot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connectionsSpot suspicious devices and connections

Spot suspicious devices and connections

Unleash SEON's powerful device fingerprinting and IP analysis tools to put fraudsters on the back foot. Decline purchases from suspicious devices or connections, including browsers, tools, and addons commonly used in fraudulent attempts. Block transactions with mismatching info, such as IP geolocation different from billing and mailing addresses.

Increase security with machine learningIncrease security with machine learning

Increase security with machine learning

Stay in control while benefitting from our machine learning's speed, flexibility, and transparency. It recognizes new patterns faster than the human eye can and recommends new rules to block suspicious activity based on your business. Whitebox machine learning gives you visibility into why and how risk scores are calculated. Blackbox machine learning adds another layer of speedy anti-fraud defense.

Payment Fraud

Payment fraud is a key challenge for modern businesses. SEON helps you solve the issues of stolen credit card payments, friendly fraud, and high chargeback requests in one fell swoop.

The key is to gather as much data as possible – as quickly as possible. This is precisely what our real-time data enrichment and risk-scoring system do for you.

With SEON, you can profile customers using as little as an email address or phone number. The connection methods, from IP addresses to device configurations of software and hardware, are also treasure troves of user data. Enriching data relating to the card itself can help you raise red flags, such as prepaid cards or those registered in countries that differ from where the user is located.

All the data is gathered in real-time, drastically reducing friction at checkout without sacrificing security.

When it comes to measuring risk, our traffic lights system allows you to instantly block high-risk transactions, manually review medium-risk payments to minimize false positives, and allow low-risk users to enjoy a seamless experience, keeping your best customers happy.

You have complete control over the risk rules, allowing you to tailor SEON to meet your risk challenges head-on.

Our machine learning engine can even suggest risk rules that your risk analysts may have missed. This is all part of our tech stack designed to help you flag, control, and reduce payment fraud today.


How can SEON help with payment fraud?

SEON gathers user and payment data and enriches it in real-time. All this profiling information is fed through risk rules, which allow you to gauge how risky a payment is. High-risk payments, which are fraudulent, are automatically declined. Low and medium-risk payments can be reviewed or automatically allowed.

What kind of payment data can SEON gather?

SEON can take a card number and let you know if it’s pre-paid, where it’s registered and if it’s valid or not. It can also tell you the type of card it is linked to, as well as the issuer. A single email address or phone number can also reveal suspicious user digital data, such as a lack of social signals or freshly created email addresses. Aggregating and comparing all this data helps spot inconsistencies and fraudulent information.

Does SEON offer a chargeback guarantee for payment fraud?

No, because chargeback guarantees can negatively affect your bottom line. We believe that chargeback guarantee payment models are an incentive to be overly strict with payments, which creates too many false positives. Our pay-per-API-call pricing model is much more flexible and allows you to mitigate risk how you see fit.

Where can I find more information about payment fraud?

You can learn more about how SEON works in our Knowledge Base. Here is a guide too about payment fraud.

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