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Financial institutions have to monitor transactions as part of their anti-money laundering efforts. But you can use the same tools to catch strange behavior, block suspicious interactions and protect customer funds in the event of unauthorized access to an account on any platform. Avoid unauthorized withdrawal of funds, spot strange user behavior and block fraudulent orders.

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Screen transactions with easy-to-create rulesScreen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Screen transactions with easy-to-create rules

Create custom rules easily to monitor suspicious transactions in SEON's rule engine. Open our Admin Panel to define no-code rules on the fly and test them in a sandbox or against recent transactions. Set up simple rules that trigger based on transaction amount, or comprehensive velocity rules that monitor suspicious user behavior.

Lock down suspicious activity with machine learningLock down suspicious activity with machine learning

Lock down suspicious activity with machine learning

Stay in control while benefitting from the speed, flexibility, and transparency of SEON's machine learning tools. Use our whitebox model to recommend rules that block suspicious activity based on your transaction history. Roll out another layer of anti-fraud defense with our blackbox algorithm and catch fraud that human eyes won't spot easily with explainable decision-making.

Improve compliance with AML screeningImprove compliance with AML screening

Improve compliance with AML screening

Augment automated transaction monitoring with SEON's AML screening tool to maintain compliance. Monitor PEP & RCA, sanctions, crime and watch lists to block sanctioned and high-risk customers. Create rules based on AML screening results to make SEON your central anti-fincrime solution.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring is a key part of the anti-money laundering (AML) process. SEON has key features you need to actively log, flag and even block suspicious transactions and users, and work towards compliance.

Create risk rules to instantly mark transactions from sanctioned countries or those that go over the AML monitoring threshold. You can even look at sudden increases in spending, or overly regular deposits that could indicate illegal activity.

Our reporting function makes it easier to capture extra data in order to create suspicious activity reports (SARs). Best of all, SEON’s machine learning algorithm can even suggest better AML transaction monitoring to improve your compliance in the long run.

Combined with our AML screening tool, SEON gives you a sophisticated compliance toolkit designed to prevent fines, meet regulatory requirements, and generally run safer operations online – regardless of your vertical.


What kind of transaction monitoring does SEON offer?

SEON lets you create AML rules designed to flag transactions whose IP addresses are in sanctioned countries. You can also deploy velocity checks to identify sudden increases in the amount or frequency of transactions. Transactions going over the AML threshold can automatically be logged for manual review or SARs, per your requirements.

How should I deploy SEON for transaction monitoring?

While SEON’s data enrichment modules are available independently, you’ll need the full Fraud API to benefit from custom risk-scoring features. It’s the risk-scoring engine that looks at transaction and user data in order to automatically classify the actions as low, medium, or high-risk.

Does SEON offer other AML features?

Yes. Our AML screening tool is designed to check user identities against PEP, sanctions, crime, and watchlists. It is the ideal solution to augment your AML compliance or to combine it with KYC.

Where can I find more information about transaction monitoring?

You can learn more about how SEON works in our Knowledge Base. Here is a guide too about transaction monitoring software.

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