Make Compliance Easy With Our AML & Anti-Fraud Platform

Keep your business and your revenue safe with anti-fraud and global AML screening, continuous monitoring, and rule-setting capabilities – together in one platform.

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Spot More Issues Earlier

  • Screen individuals and entities against PEPs, sanctions, Relatives and Close Associates, crime lists and financial watchlists
  • Monitor adverse media events on autopilot, and set up continuous monitoring rules for specific people
  • Tap into intelligence sourced directly from government lists to make more accurate decisions
AML information


Tailor Everything to Your Needs

  • Easily configure your AML screening processes to meet your specific regulatory requirements
  • Set up custom auto-monitoring rules to detect suspicious transactions and money movements
  • Incorporate custom rules based on machine learning of usage patterns to reduce false positives
AML custom rules


Closeout Manual Reviews Faster

  • Determine quickly if an alert can be resolved and closed – or needs escalating to a case
  • Cross-check AML info against thousands of fraud data points for each user for a rich, contextual understanding of what’s going on
  • Centralize historical searches and logs for faster, and more efficient, compliance reviews and audits
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Choose How You Want To Integrate SEON

Integrate directly with SEON’s APIs, or through the AWS Marketplace – the choice is up to you.

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See How Our Customers Handle Regulatory Compliance With SEON

Reviewer Company
“By being able to customize the frequency of checks and the specific customers to monitor, the team can efficiently manage compliance requirements while also identifying and addressing potential risks. This level of flexibility and granularity in analysis can greatly enhance your ability to understand and manage customer relationships while staying compliant with regulations.”
Reviewer Profile
Monika Zaja
Fraud Manager at YSI
Reviewer Company
Reviewer Company
“It is a flexible tool that helps us track possible money laundering activity with features that are highly customisable and help a lot with automation. The high number of sources that the feature has allows analysts to consider their decisions from different perspectives. This allows the relevant teams to further their knowledge of the customers and for the company to stay compliant.”
Reviewer Profile
Márton Hajagos
Fraud Analyst, Patrianna
Reviewer Company
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Transform Your Fraud & Money Laundering Prevention

“SEON significantly enhanced our fraud prevention efficiency, freeing up time and resources for better policies, procedures, and rules.”

Vladislav Notevskyi, Head of KYC at Soft2Bet

  • Automate 95% of fraud checks
  • Reduce fraudulent registrations by 90%
  • Accelerate manual reviews by 90%

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