SEON + Shopify integration

Shopify Fraud Detection
& Chargeback Solution

SEON is an early fraud detection tool that helps you catch fraudsters before they can harm your business.

Rated 5on the Shopify App Store

I’d strongly urge any stores that take fraud seriously to use SEON.

It is very straightforward in what it sets out to do and does it well.

This app is a game-changer to prevent online fraud.

Just the best app support on all Shopify Market.

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Crush fraud. And your sales targets.

Add SEON to your store and let it do its magic right away.
Suitable for teams in all shapes and sizes.

Watch and understand each decision

Watch and understand each decision

Transparency is our thing. We'll always share our detailed fraud analysis - so you know what is happening and why.

Easy to use, easy to work with

Easy to use, easy to work with

After installing SEON with a few clicks, you’ll get 360° fraud protection within seconds, supported by fraud fighting experts.

Less fraud and lost inventory, more revenue

Less fraud and lost inventory, more revenue

We filter and block suspicious, high-risk orders automatically, making sure you ship to genuine customers only.

Flexible, highly customizable

Flexible, highly customizable

Merchants can set their own risk tolerance and set up custom rules that fit their needs best, automate decisions, or review transactions one by one.

Use social & digital profiles to verify customers

Use social & digital profiles to verify customers

Find social and digital profiles connected to an email or phone and identify fake customers right away.

Frictionless customer experience

Frictionless customer experience

No disruptions to checkouts - fraud checks run straight after an order is placed.

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SEON. Fraud Prevention

by SEON Technologies Ltd.

Fraud & Chargeback Prevention. Filter, Cancel High-Risk Orders


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Detection & Intelligence

Proven results highly ranked in G2 reviews and verified by the G2 Product R&D team.

Fraud detection


Finds patterns in common occurrences of fraud to use when evaluating risk of purchasers.

Real-time monitoring


Constantly monitors system to detect anomalies in real time.

Transaction scoring


Rates each transaction's risk based on specific factors and their benchmarked scores.

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Help your merchants win against online fraud with our SEON Shopify app.

We provide great partner benefits like recurring revenue share, co-marketing, client referrals, special offers and more.

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Do I need SEON on top of Shopify’s built-in fraud analysis?

Absolutely. SEON is a robust fraud prevention tool built for added protection. We’ll approve genuine orders that are sometimes flagged as high risk by Shopify and flag the undetected risky orders. SEON improves your store protection and helps to increase revenue.

Does SEON offer chargeback guarantee?

No. We believe in the micro fee model because that way there is no clash of interest between client and provider. It’s in the vendor's best interest to calibrate their tool to be highly sensitive to low-risk payments in order to protect themselves and be on the safe side. Our goal is to protect you, the merchant.

How long does it take to get started with SEON?

Flawless integration was our key objective from day one. With just a few clicks, SEON's robust default setup is done and ready to check the orders for fraud. Further configurations can be made to best tailor the setup to each individual business need.

How does SEON’s pricing work?

We have pricing plans with different packages and support levels. They are all based on a per order check with micro fees.

How do I choose the right plan for my business?

We created plans to suit different businesses, based on your monthly orders received and the support level required. Choosing a plan with included customer success is the best option. The team will help during your entire SEON journey, from onboarding to optimization through to custom needs, and more.

How does the risk scoring work?

At SEON, we work with rules and each of them either adds or deducts points from the “risk score”, which will be between 0 (not risky) and 100 (very risky). You have the option to decide where to draw the line by setting your own thresholds.