Block Fraudulent Transactions in Real Time

Stop suspicious payments before they go through without holding up genuine customers.

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Let Payments Flow with Confidence

Payment gateways, service providers, platforms and P2P payment systems are using SEON to see results like:


more confidence in rejecting transactions


reduction in multi-accounting


reduction in performing manual reviews


Stop Fraudulent Signups & Multi-Accounting

  • Create a comprehensive digital profile of every user to automatically flag and reject risky customers
  • Uncover suspicious activity by spotting unusual software and hardware configurations – and unusual user behavior
  • Meet compliance with automated screening around money laundering regulations

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay on Top of All Transactions

  • Safeguard your business from card fraud, chargebacks and account takeovers with real-time transaction monitoring
  • Flag suspicious login attempts by using thousands of device and user behavior data points
  • Detect and block fraud attempts with stolen cards by examining device signals, card BIN and IP lookups


Improve Efficiency & Accuracy

  • Reduce the number of manual reviews your team has to do and free up more time to focus on strategic fraud prevention
  • Implement custom rules without coding so you can take care of nuanced fraud scenarios automatically
  • Use accurate, AI-driven rule recommendations to stop and block behavioral fraud patterns ahead of time

Choose How You Want To Integrate SEON

Integrate directly with SEON’s APIs, or through the AWS Marketplace – the choice is up to you.

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See How Our Customers Stop Fraudulent Payments with SEON

Reviewer Company
“One core piece of data we get from SEON is the ability to digitally profile customers based on their phone number. Because we enable payments through WhatsApp, being able to check social signals really helps us get a better sense of how real the user is. It’s a tool in our toolkit that is pretty unique”
Reviewer Profile
Jonathan Kleinmann
Head of Partnerships, Felix Pago
Reviewer Company
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Reviewer Company
“We went from spending 10 minutes to manually review each transaction to 60 seconds. By letting the machine learning engine run 24/7, we considerably decreased the workload for our fraud managers by automatically blocking fraudulent transactions.”
Reviewer Profile
Sandor Kiss
CEO, Barion
Reviewer Company
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Transform Your Fraud & Money Laundering Prevention

“SEON significantly enhanced our fraud prevention efficiency, freeing up time and resources for better policies, procedures, and rules.”

Vladislav Notevskyi, Head of KYC at Soft2Bet

  • Automate 95% of fraud checks
  • Reduce fraudulent registrations by 90%
  • Accelerate manual reviews by 90%
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