Stop Fraudsters In Their Tracks With Device Intelligence

Protect your business from fraudsters and linked accounts by continuously analyzing real-time device and behavioral data points to block them – earlier than ever.

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Detect Unusual Activity In Real Time

  • Spot suspicious connections using thousands of signals in real-time, from geolocation and IP, to behavioral device data (battery life, phone orientation and more).
  • Cluster device configurations to target duplicate and linked accounts created by the same device.
  • Analyze on-call status, screen sharing, and carrier types with activity monitoring to block phishing attacks.
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Expose Hidden Risks

  • Flag and block suspicious tools, setups and settings across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Identify high-risk browsers, privacy tools, and location concealment tools – including Tor, Brave, Linken Sphere and GoLogin – to outsmart evasion techniques.
  • Detect complex device environments, including virtual machine environments, unusual browser activity and automation tools, to protect your business from sophisticated threats.


Stay Ahead Of Emerging Threats

  • Combine device data and other fraud signals to continuously improve detection accuracy.
  • Fine-tune your rules based on customers’ behavioral and device patterns – and unique fraud vectors of your industry.
  • Use AI to spot bot farms and fraud rings faster than the human eye using device and behavior signals.
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Choose How You Want To Integrate SEON

Integrate directly with SEON’s APIs, or through the AWS Marketplace – the choice is up to you.

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See How Our Customers Combat Fraud with Device Intelligence

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“SEON’s device intelligence immediately showed strong results. When you go to our checkout and press “buy,” SEON gets the device data, scans it and scores it. I also realized it could help with takeovers against fraud rings who have been trying to steal our customer accounts for years.”
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Daniel Martinez
Head of Operations, Rebtel
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Reviewer Company
“We rely on device intelligence to filter out junk users. We immediately saved about 6% of costs on our automated KYC checks.”
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Sergey Bogdanov
Chief Risk Officer, Mokka
Reviewer Company
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Transform Your Fraud & Money Laundering Prevention

“SEON significantly enhanced our fraud prevention efficiency, freeing up time and resources for better policies, procedures, and rules.”

Vladislav Notevskyi, Head of KYC at Soft2Bet

  • Automate 95% of fraud checks
  • Reduce fraudulent registrations by 90%
  • Accelerate manual reviews by 90%

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