Deliver clear results with an automated, machine-driven workflow. SEON Sense gives fraud managers a complete end-to-end solution with flexible features to fit the way you do business.

Transactional data drives fraud prevention

Frictionless Integration

SEON integrates with your current platform within hours. Implement immediately and get transparent fraud scores within 200ms. Our simple REST API can be integrated via code. We have a clear overview of the integration on the developers page.

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Powerful Device Fingerprinting

Generate the highest entropy browser and device fingerprint IDs. Our solution employs the most advanced method of identification available. Track users across incognito browsing with the newest methods. Cross reference the collected thousands of data points of your customers to identify bad users - even after they reinstall or update their browser.

JavaScript snippet or SDK

Integrate SEON’s lightweight JavaScript snippet or embed it via SDK on your web platform / mobile application. Flag virtual machines, emulators, and advanced fraud tools, such as AntiDetect, FraudFox or Multilogin.

SDK and javascript snippets allow fraud prevention systems to create unique IDs for devices
Fraud prevention API user interface Fraud prevention API user interface

Outstanding UX

The SEON Sense dashboard was designed to be intuitive, collaborative, and fully flexible. Let your whole team reduce fraud via powerful tools and features such as:

  • Customisable widgets
  • Collaboration tools
  • Custom filters, settings and rules
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Scoring Engine
  • Machine Learning rules
  • Lists management
  • Tutorials
  • Logging Features
  • Data import / export
  • Permission levels

Predictive Risk Scoring

Combine machine intelligence with human insights. Let the machine-learning generate precise risk scores, and stay in control to improve catch rates and reduce false positives overtime.

Rules Testing

Import and test your own custom rules in a simple, user-friendly environment. Add them to SEON’s industry-specific preset rules to speed up deployment.

Whitebox Machine Learning

Improve decision accuracy with SEON’s machine learning module. The algorithm learns from your fraud patterns and retrains itself numerous times a day. Get results via human readable rule suggestions with specific accuracy percentages, where rules are branches and parameters are the node of a decision tree. Our dedicated data scientist can also help you with resources and reporting.

Blackbox Machine Learning

SEON provides precise, predictive scoring based on logic involving neural networks, string similarity, AdaBoost, XGBoost and other technologies which help catch even the most sophisticated attacks.

Feedback loops

Labels transactions via API or through the Admin Panel. We improve our algorithm to stop all fraud and not creating any false positives.

Leverage global data

Turn on the Flagging feature to suggest industry and location-specific rules. Anonymously share suspicious data points with our network to grow the knowledge pool and increase prediction accuracy.

Behaviour analytics

Collect and screen complete customer activity on your website via API. Enable specific algorithms based at login, checkout or signup, and prevent abuse at the earliest access point possible.

Predictive scoring uses both human intelligence and machine learning