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Empower your consumers with a line of credit (LOC) without losing revenue to chargebacks, never pays and identity fraud.

BNPL is a growing, popular payment method preferred over traditional credit cards or loans. Leveraging the right fraud detection tools with BNPL payment can ensure you deliver a frictionless customer experience without increased fraud risks.

Buy now pay later fraud software solution

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Recognize synthetic fraud and reduce never pays

Prevent payments from stolen cards or credentials and block unauthorized transactions before they hurt your business. Our social and digital footprint analysis gives you alternative data to check against possible synthetic fraud and reduce never pays. Combine human insights with our whitebox machine learning algorithm to mitigate your risks.

Frictionless customer service and light KYC

Ensure a smooth customer journey without multi-step verification systems. SEON enables light KYC as a cost-effective alternative to hard KYC. Running quickly in the background, this creates a seamless onboarding or order experience for your customers without sacrificing security. This complements credit scoring by giving you alternative data to support your risk decision making.

Detect suspicious profiles with a single data point

Use a real-time data enrichment solution to trace any user data points to get a clear picture of who your customers really are. We analyze 50+ digital and social profiles to help you make data-backed risk assessments on every transaction. Our advanced machine learning analyzes unusual purchasing behavior, new device logins and shipping address inconsistencies.

Save staff and money resources

We minimize labor-intensive manual reviews by visibly flagging risky transactions through a user-friendly dashboard. Combine the power of email, phone, IP, device and behavior analysis with machine learning to help you detect fraudulent orders accurately and provide you access to easy-to-understand reporting features, all in real-time.

I’m really satisfied with SEON because it solves so many of our problems. The team is also answering our questions and it’s user-friendly and intuitive. The most useful thing for us was to be able to see if the email and phone numbers weren’t registered anywhere.

Sergey Bogdanov - Chief Risk Officer at Mokka
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Sergey Bogdanov
Chief Risk Officer at Mokka

SEON is now part of our comprehensive anti-fraud solution and, according to our results, the number of fraud cases has significantly decreased.

Alexey Pogrebnyak - CRO at Robocash
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Alexey Pogrebnyak
CRO at Robocash

We now use the returned data from SEON’s social media profiling both to confirm identities and as a debt-collection tool to contact non-paying customers.

Kaspars Magaznieks - Fraud Manager at Sun Finance
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Kaspars Magaznieks
Fraud Manager at Sun Finance

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