Travel andTicketing Fraud

Don’t let fraudsters, scalpers and ticket touts get in between your platform and genuine users. Increase profits by eliminating reseller market opportunities and ensure your ticketing or travel platform is 100% fraud free to increase legitimate buyer satisfaction.

How do travel and events industry players use SEON to block resellers?

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Lower chargeback rates and friendly fraud costs

Prevent payments from stolen cards or credentials and block unauthorized transactions before they hurt your business. Improve your success rate when disputing false refunds and chargeback requests, and meet card networks chargeback ratios

Decrease manual review efforts

Save time, money and staff resources on manual reviews by automatically delivering important data to your analyst / fraud manager in a clear dashboard. Combine the power of email, IP, device and behavior analysis with machine learning to support your decisions, and access visualization and reporting features at your fingertips.

Prevent scam listings and fake reviews

Perform a complete digital footprint analysis that spots stolen or fake ID. Stop losing user trust to fake accounts that post scams and fake reviews on your sites – and improve genuine visitors’ experience in the process.

Block ticket scalping bots

Automatically detect bot purchases from organized scalpers. Reduce lost revenue to secondary marketplaces, and ensure legitimate users attend the events they want thanks to your platform.

We were looking for an integrated solution that works with our payment solutions, and would also allow us to run security checks on our users at different steps of the user journey. SEON proved to be the perfect fit for our platform.

Bence Toreky - CEO, Tickething
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Bence Toreky
CEO, Tickething

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