Phone Lookup
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"SEON makes it possible to check how authentic an identity is by finding the online footprint of an email or a phone number."

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A Handful of Digits, Tons of Insights

Our phone lookup module takes a simple phone number and transforms it into dozens of helpful data points. Learn about the owner’s digital and social accounts, flag eSIMS and virtual SIM cards, and highlight suspicious carrier info.

Phone Lookup

Easily identify invalid phone numbers, disposable numbers, virtual SIMs, and burner phones. These are assigned a higher risk score as they are often used to avoid verification steps. Find digital and social accounts connected to a phone number, using alternative data to help you verify users.

SEON is the most comprehensive digital and social media lookup available. Check more than 50+ digital and social media sites for a wealth of data including user avatar, bio, and profile info.

We Check for Unusual Settings

  • Invalid numbers
  • Disposable numbers
  • Virtual SIMs
  • Burner phones
  • No digital and social accounts
  • Country code and IP location mismatch

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Phone Lookup

Phone numbers are increasingly becoming a form of online ID. You can use yours to sign up for social media sites and to confirm your identity via MFA (multi-factor authentication). They’re also a fantastic way to learn more about an online user thanks to the data enrichment process called a phone lookup.

For instance, a phone lookup will show if you’re dealing with someone in the right country with a legitimate SIM, or a suspicious individual who is wasting your time with junk or falsified data.

SEON checks phone numbers against more than 50 digital and social media sites to deliver a wealth of information such as the person’s avatar, bio and profile info. It’s a key tool to accept good/legitimate users without interrupting their experience – while blocking out junk leads and obvious fraudsters who may damage your business.


What can SEON’s reverse phone lookup do?

A reverse phone lookup allows you to gather extra user information based on a phone number only. You can check if it’s valid, whether it’s linked to social media accounts, and if it’s from a disposable number, among other things.

Is SEON’s reverse phone lookup tool legal to use?

Yes, reverse phone lookup tools are completely legal. SEON’s reverse phone lookup only aggregates open-source data and meets all GDPR requirements.

Where can I learn more about using SEON for reverse phone lookups?

We’ve written a full guide on reverse phone lookups here. You can also dive directly into our phone API documentation here.

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