Fraud Detection

Enhance your fraud detection strategy with alternative data. Modular APIs give you flexibility and choice to use exactly what you need.

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Full-featured data

  • Email Analysis Module

Email Analysis

Enrich user data based on a single email address.

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    Social media lookup

    Get the most comprehensive social media lookup available with data from 90+ social media sites, including user avatar, bio and profile info.

  • ip address profiling

    Address profiling

    Confirm that the address is valid, get detailed domain whois info, and calculate risk score based on address maturity, string analysis, and data breach lookup.

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See how SEON's Intelligence tool email analysis module works and collect all the necessary data for better decision making

Device Fingerprinting

Add our lightweight SDK to iOS, Android and web apps for the most sophisticated browser and device identification solution.

Gather thousands of data points to flag VMs, emulators, or VPNs – even across incognito browsing.

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AML KYC Module

Bring together anti-fraud & AML for easier KYC.

Check against PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime List, Watch List, High Risk Names, and use SEON as one unified source of truth to combat fincrime successfully.

Create a smooth customer onboarding experience with all checks running silently in the background. Turn on monitoring, so you get notified of changes each month.

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Machine Learning

Our whitebox algorithm learns your fraud patterns and retrains itself numerous times a day to improve accuracy. Feed training labels via API or the Admin Panel, and get results via human-readable rule suggestions with specific accuracy percentages.

Optimized UX

SEON’s Admin Panel is intuitive, collaborative, and fully customizable.
Boost team collaboration while reducing fraud rates with powerful tools such as:

  • Customizable widgets
  • Collaboration tools
  • Custom filters, settings and rules
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Scoring Engine
  • Machine learning rules
  • Lists management
  • Tutorials
  • Logging features
  • Data import / export
  • Permission levels
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Frictionless integration

Keep operations running smoothly while you get started.

The entire SEON system integrates into your platform via well-documented REST APIs, so you can reduce fraud rates within hours.

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SEON for Shopify

One-click integration for Shopify merchants

  • Fraud protection within seconds
  • Easy to understand decisions
  • 80% cheaper than other options
  • Frictionless customer experience
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See how SEON compares to other solutions

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