“The new data expands our data model, and helps us distinguish between ordinary customers by risk level… We can also highlight the fraud segment, all in the most cost-effective way for the company.”

Alexey Pogrebnyak
Chief Risk Officer, Robocash


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As an alternative data source for underwriting, SEON allows you to vet customers in the absence of credit history. With it, you can lower your default ratio and successfully tackle fraud, all while growing your approved customer base and expanding into new markets.

SEON’s risk profiling combines multiple digital and social signals – such as temporary emails and phone numbers – to set a reliable risk score. It’s an accurate, fast, and cost-effective vetting method, even for microloans.

Improve Your Loan Default Ratio with SEON

We know that fraud and default risk look different across the world. SEON’s global coverage, teamed with our customisable rules and whitebox AI, mean you can hone your scoring and approach in every country you operate – or expand into.

We provide global coverage with regional intelligence. SEON’s real-time customer data allows you to spot risk, stopping defaults on loan repayments before they happen. With SEON you can lower the cost of debt collection and loss of payment, while increasing revenue from a wider approved customer base.

Use insights from your customers’ digital footprint to understand their risk. SEON’s machine learning algorithms will automatically flag suspicious accounts and transactions, and with your feedback it will adapt to your risk tolerance, giving you greater accuracy and speed.

Spot loan default risk as it emerges

SEON provides real-time, accurate, and extensive data to spot default risk, even in underbanked areas or without access to a credit bureau.

Move from reactive debt collection to proactively preventing loan default

Stop defaulting loans before they happen and avoid the cost of debt collection, or loss from no repayment.

Grow your approved customer base

SEON helps you identify trustworthy customers from high-risk ones, even with low or no credit rating. This means you don’t have to exclude valuable customers while reducing your risk exposure.

Industry leaders lean on SEON’s AI to transform their workflows and decision-making – because safe online lending is more than simply stopping defaulting loans and fraud: It’s also about not missing out on your genuine customers.

online lendingonline lending
Basic & Reactive
  • Use SEON to monitor new loan applications
  • Device fingerprinting and geolocation run in the background flagging high-risk applications
  • AI and machine learning detects patterns at scale
  • Reduce manual review times, so your teams can be more efficient
  • SEON gets smarter with every feedback you teach it
  • Revenue is a team sport
  • Top clients and industry leaders use our insights to better understand, profile and acquire the right customers
  • Cross-functional teams use SEON to identify high-value customers
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"By automating our risk checks, customers get to experience our financial products as soon as possible. We’re constantly scouting the best partners on the market to improve and speed up our processes without compromising on security or quality. SEON allows us to be more frictionless and effective. It fits the bill for us."
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Martina Virgilio
Anti-Financial Crime Manager
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"We tested SEON’s email analysis tool with our own emails, and the results were incredibly accurate. We tried other options where it all looks good on paper, but the test case doesn’t really deliver… We now use the data [from SEON’s social media profiling] both to confirm identities and as a debt collection tool to contact non-paying customers."
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Juris Rieksts-Riekstins
Head of Risk
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"Getting reliable data is the biggest challenge in our market. Financial inclusion is growing in Nigeria but we still have to build risk models without banking data. With SEON we can instantly filter out obvious fraudsters with no digital or social presence, and we get better intelligence to automate our decision-making."
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Kaspars Magaznieks
Fraud Manager

How SEON Stops Fraud and Default for Online Lenders

Fight High Risk Applications Using Digital FootprintsFight High Risk Applications Using Digital Footprints

Fight High Risk Applications Using Digital Footprints

SEON can help combat suspicious individuals even before they apply for a loan.

Digital profiling checks, such as email lookup and IP geolocation, can identify suspicious users and traffic from the moment they land on your website or app.

Be a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule BreakersBe a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule Breakers

Be a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule Breakers

SEON lets you make your own custom rules to reduce fraud with dynamic friction.

Detect upcoming default and fraud threats in line with your business' unique risk model. Our adjustable and customizable customer risk scoring model can flex to your changing risk appetite.

Whether you use SEON’s accurate scoring independently or layer it onto your existing model, SEON’s data will improve reliability and reduce default and fraud.

Find Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning AlgorithmsFind Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning Algorithms

Find Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning Algorithms

SEON uses machine learning algorithms to automatically flag suspicious accounts and transactions.

SEON’s machine learning looks for patterns and proposes rules that apply to your business. Finetuned with your feedback, it adapts to your risk tolerance, giving you more accuracy and speed.

Read More About Online Lending Fraud

Online Lending Default and Fraud Risk

We know that as an online lender, it’s crucial to lower payment defaults so that you can avoid the cost of recouping unpaid debt or the loss from no repayment.

Risk not only comes from legitimate customers who are unable to make repayments but also from fraudsters who had no intention of ever doing so. We also know that spotting those customers can be particularly hard when you’re serving underbanked or unbanked markets where risk isn’t flagged by a clear credit trail.

Then there’s the cost. Tracking customer data is cost-effective for high-value loans, but without SEON it can become too expensive to do so with a high volume of smaller-value loans.

You need real-time, affordable insights that reflect the customer’s ability - and inclination - to repay a loan, rather than relying on data that is months, or even years, old.

SEON is designed to obtain the digital and social footprints of your customers in real-time. This is a new and alternative way of detecting high-risk characteristics – such as applicants using throwaway emails or phones, or fake or stolen identities.

Even a complete lack of social data reveals valuable understanding as accounts without a linked social presence signal high risk.

SEON also identifies connections between accounts, allowing you to spot the familiar patterns of fraud rings. We combine all these signals and more to give a clear and comprehensive fraud and risk score on your customers. Real-time, low-cost, even where you don’t have access to a reliable credit history.


Can SEON find customers who are likely to default on loan payments?

Yes. SEON not only detects fraudsters but also legitimate customers who are at a high risk of missing payments due to limited finances. We do this by understanding how often your customers make regular payments to companies present in their digital profiles such as Spotify and LinkedIn.

Do we still need to carry out KYC checks?

Some customers may prefer to delay KYC checks or forgo them altogether, especially if our data shows the account holder has already passed these reviews with another company, such as AirBnB. However, the decision should depend on your compliance and regulatory requirements where proof of KYC due diligence is required, and your business risk appetite.

Can SEON replace the need for credit bureaus?

It is always advisable to get as much data as possible, but we know that’s not always possible. SEON detects risks globally, including in unbanked or underbanked markets where there is a limited, or no, credit trail.

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