Online lending faces the challenge of credit scoring using little information to keep defaults at bay

Online Lending Fraud

Preemptively eliminate defaulting customers and enlarge your market by taking control of your credit risk analysis. SEON lets you scale your payday loan or fast loan business by reaching the right borrowers, and ensuring they truly are who they say they are.

Find future defaulting customers

Perform a complete digital footprint analysis that spots stolen or fake ID. Stop losing money to defaulting customers before they can create a fake account, and improve your credit scoring accuracy thanks to our external data enrichment tools.

Onboard more customers

Widen your market reach by balancing risk and new customer lending thanks to precise data enrichment. Ensure you don’t lose market shares to competitors by onboarding without friction and unnecessary obstacles.

Improve credit risk analysis

Harness the power of machine learning rules to get more precise risk analysis scores for each customer – without increasing manual efforts or complex technical hurdles. Enrich your existing datasets for more intelligent decision making that doesn’t slow your business down.

Decrease manual review efforts

Save time, money and staff resources on manual reviews by automatically delivering important data to your analyst / fraud manager in a clear dashboard. Combine the power of email, IP, device and behavior analysis with machine learning to support your decisions, and access visualization and reporting features at your fingertips.

Stop fraud-related threats

  • Defaulting customers
  • Identity theft
  • High churn
  • Regulatory fines