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SEON's solution?

Deliver clear results with an automated, machine-driven workflow. SEON gives fraud managers a complete end-to-end solution that is transparent and integrates seamlessly into your platform.

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API Integration

Our simple REST API can be integrated via code. We have a clear overview of the integration on the developers page.

Integration Code

Device Fingerprinting

Our tool collects thorough insight about the devices associated to a user. Account takeovers and multiple account usage can easily be avoided by applying this module.

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Play nicely with your existing workflow and increase your productivity


You can even take productivity and automation to the next level with our Zapier integration.


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Enterprise solution

Interested in on-premise or private cloud deployments?
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The integration

SEON is designed to integrate with your current platform within hours.

Whether you are a global banking institution or a small ecommerce, the end-to-end solution can leverage data and enrich it to predict, prevent and protect you from fraud with near-instant results.

  • Integration
  • Self-learning
  • Accurate results

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