Integration guide

The SEON fraud management platform is an out of the box solution that our clients can start using immediately independent of our clients industry or use-case. The system was developed with the importance of a flawless integration in mind. Our end-to-end fraud monitoring tool consists of a single API, ensuring a system wide risk management.

Hybrid Algorithm

The risk scores are aggregated by the Scoring Engine and Machine Learning models to ensure high catch rates and low false positive rates.

Scoring Engine

With the help of the Scoring Engine, custom rules can be imported and set up in a simple, user-friendly environment. This ensures a total white-box solution.

Feedback Data

Our Label API collects the post-back data from the payment gateway (eg. authorised, cancelled, chargeback) and the engine is retrained based on the new information.

Network of Fraud Partners

Our clients share fraud patterns and anonymised analysis reports in order to ensure the highest standards of fraud prevention services.

1. Historical data (optional)

The Scoring Engine is fine-tuned based on historical data provided by our clients. This step ensures accurate decision making based on past fraudulent patterns from the point of the API integration.

2. Integration

After obtaining a license key, the platform is ready for integration. We ensure a seamless and easy implementation.

3. Passive listening

In this step, the system is already implemented and receiving live information. SEON's team helps you to maximise the performance of the platform and provide you full support free of charge. Any cases of misclassification is identified in the passive listening phase.

4. Algorithm fine tuning

The decision trees are fine-tuned and set up in order to ensure the highest accuracy of the system. False positive and false negative rates are minimised close to zero.

5. Feedback data

The post-back information of a transaction can be fed back into the system using the Label API and the state changes on the Admin Panel. This feeds the information into the Machine Learning algorithm.

6. Supercharged platform

The system is now effectively running and requires very little human interaction.

Use plugins

We provide plugins for the most wide-spread e-commerce platforms to ensure a one-click implementation.

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Integrate by code

The API can be integrated via code. We have a clear overview of the integration on the developers page.

Use our SDKs for your apps

The API can be integrated via code. We have a clear overview of the integration on the developers page.

Developers page