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Felix Pago Gains 90% More Confidence Accepting Payments From Users With Low Digital Footprints

“There was a startup that tried to do something similar to us. They scaled really fast, but within a month or two, they went bust because of fraud. They had so many chargebacks it killed them… We invested in SEON upfront, so when fraud hit, we already had the tools to fix it.”

Jonathan Kleinman
Head of Partnerships, Felix Pago


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Real-time payments mean you need reliable, lightning-fast decisions to stop fraud before it happens. We help you scale your anti-fraud measures with accuracy without letting fraudsters through or declining legitimate customers. Because once that payment is sent, it’s hard to claw back.

Our transaction and payment monitoring solutions mean you can monitor payments in real time, preventing account takeovers (ATO), chargebacks, payment and card fraud – and even money laundering. With customizable risk scoring supported by whitebox and blackbox machine learning, you can finetune SEON based on your business’s risk tolerance, achieving accurate and fast fraud detection while maintaining a frictionless customer experience.

Handle Payments Safely and With Confidence

SEON’s end-to-end fraud prevention solution means you’re equipped to stop fraud as it evolves, whether you come up against ATO, money laundering, chargebacks or payment fraud. Don’t wait for the cost of fraud to drain your profit; stop fraud in its tracks.

Stop payment card fraud with velocity rules

Criminals use payment processors to test the limits of stolen cards and make illegitimate payments.

SEON’s device fingerprinting, card BIN lookup, IP lookup and velocity rules catch card testing behavior and identify stolen cards being used across multiple transactions.

Transaction monitoring & behavioral analysis against chargebacks

Sometimes, customers make legitimate purchases and then request chargebacks to get refunds while also keeping products.

SEON’s transaction monitoring and behavior analysis recognizes suspicious requests and identifies unusual patterns to prevent chargebacks.

Prevent account takeovers with registration and login monitoring

Ranging from data theft to phishing and using stolen login credentials, fraudsters have many ways to cause harm to your customers and, ultimately, your business.

SEON’s user behavior analysis, device fingerprinting and IP lookup let you flag irregular login attempts and other suspicious behaviors to stop account takeovers.

Leading payment solutions and payment gateways lean on SEON’s end-to-end fraud detection to transform their workflows and decision-making.

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  • Use SEON to monitor traffic and new account registrations
  • Device fingerprinting and geolocation running in the background stops bad traffic from creating accounts
  • End-to-end activity monitoring detects anomalies across account-to-account transfers, deposits, withdrawals and payment fraud
  • Keep a log of historical customer behavior to spot suspicious activities such as ATO
  • AI and machine learning detect patterns at scale
  • Reduce manual review times so your teams can be more efficient
  • SEON gets smarter with every feedback you teach it
  • Revenue is a team sport
  • Top clients, payment service providers and payment gateways use our insights to better understand, profile and acquire the right customers
  • Cross-functional teams use SEON to identify high-value customers
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"We tested SEON against some old fraud cases, and it immediately flagged them, which gives us full confidence. But the most significant advantage is the cost, which gives us a great ROI. That’s saving us on resources we can allocate to fulfilling our mission, which is to help our clients grow faster."
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Mark Camp
CEO & Founder, Propello, a reward programs company
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"SEON’s device fingerprinting module immediately showed strong results. When you go to our checkout and press ‘buy,’ SEON gets the device data, scans it, scores it and sends it back to our risk engine. I also realized it could help with takeovers against fraud rings who have been trying to steal our customer accounts for years."
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Daniel Martinez
Head of Operations and Risk, Rebtel, a cross-border payments provider
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"When I ask my team, do we really need that extra data? Is the ROI worth it for us? The answer is always yes. Yes, it adds value – especially when we look at SEON’s price per API request, it makes complete sense for Revolut."
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Dmitri Lihhatsov
Fincrime Product Owner, Revolut, a global neobank

How SEON Stops Fraud for Payment Service Providers & Gateways

Fight Criminal Stints Using Digital FootprintsFight Criminal Stints Using Digital Footprints

Fight Criminal Stints Using Digital Footprints

SEON can stop suspicious individuals even before they complete their payment.

Digital profiling checks, such as email lookup and IP geolocation, as well as device intelligence, can identify suspicious users and traffic from the moment they land on your website or app.

Be a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule BreakersBe a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule Breakers

Be a Rule Maker to Fight the Rule Breakers

SEON lets you make your own custom rules to reduce fraud with dynamic friction.

Detect fraud threats in line with your business's unique risk model. Our adjustable and customizable risk scoring model can flex to your business needs.

Find Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning AlgorithmsFind Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning Algorithms

Find Your Anti-Fraud Rhythms with Machine Learning Algorithms

SEON uses machine learning algorithms to automatically flag suspicious accounts and transactions.

SEON’s machine learning looks for patterns and proposes rules that apply to your business. Fine-tuned with your feedback, it adapts to your risk tolerance, giving you granular control, accuracy and speed.

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Payment solutions and gateways are tackling global challenges at speed

Digital payments are eclipsing cash transactions in many countries, but this fast-paced growth has been complicated by the switch to real-time transactions as the new normal. The world of payments is faster and more complex.

Unfortunately, fraudsters have followed the same pace of evolution, exploiting any opportunities across the customer journey with increasing sophistication.

Real-time global transactions and customer expectations are forcing you to pick up the pace, but that doesn’t mean you have to divert efforts from fraud security.

With SEON, you can deliver smooth payment transactions while lowering customer friction and fraud risk.

SEON makes it easy to prevent fraud across the full spectrum of attacks. Our transparent machine learning filters through millions of data points in seconds, helping you keep track of payment fraud, ATO, chargeback abuse, and friendly fraud with a single solution.

We help you get ahead of fraud, stopping it before it happens – whether it’s by detecting patterns of fraud in real time or using our pre-KYC capabilities to weed out bots and bad actors before they have time to act.


What type of fraud does SEON prevent?

SEON delivers fraud protection right across the customer journey. Our payment customers rely on us for registration, transaction and payment monitoring, helping them put an end to account takeover, money laundering, account draining, chargeback, and payment fraud.

I have specific fraud needs. Why should I opt for SEON instead of a point solution?

We offer a flexible fraud prevention solution that grows with your business. If your business is likely to expand, so are your fraud prevention needs. Opting for a point solution puts you at risk of fraud exposure with a solution that hasn’t considered fraud attacks throughout the entire customer journey. You may end up having to integrate multiple point solutions instead of one comprehensive solution. Our API-first solution delivers speedy integration and removes the mess of multiple-point solutions

Do we still need to carry out KYC checks?

Some customers may prefer to delay KYC checks. However, the decision should depend on your compliance and regulatory requirements where proof of KYC due diligence is required, and your business’s risk appetite.

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