AML Solution & Checks

SEON enhances KYC data that we already have and helps us have a better knowledge of our customers. It gives us a head start for our AML or fraud investigations.

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Stay on the right side of AML compliance

Block financial criminals and sanctioned individuals, identify suspicious behavior, automate compliance, all while giving genuine customers quick and easy access.

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Improve Compliance with AML ScreeningImprove Compliance with AML Screening

Improve Compliance with AML Screening

Augment automated transaction monitoring with SEON's AML screening tool to maintain compliance. Monitor PEP & RCA, sanctions, crime, and watch lists to block sanctioned and high-risk customers. Create rules based on AML screening results to make SEON your central anti-fincrime solution.

Pre-Screen Customers with Social Media ProfilingPre-Screen Customers with Social Media ProfilingPre-Screen Customers with Social Media Profiling

Pre-Screen Customers with Social Media Profiling

Emails and phone numbers leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs as people use them around the web. Run checks across 50+ social and digital platforms to verify if customers are who they claim to be – spot inconsistencies and automatically flag suspicious customers for further investigation.

Block Suspicious ConnectionsBlock Suspicious ConnectionsBlock Suspicious Connections

Block Suspicious Connections

Unleash SEON's powerful device fingerprinting and IP analysis tools to put fraudsters on the back foot. Decline purchases made using suspicious devices or connections, including browsers, tools, and addons commonly used in fraudulent attempts. Block transactions with mismatching info, such as IP geolocation different from billing and mailing addresses.

AML Solution and Checks

Anti-money laundering, or AML, is a challenge for online businesses. On the one hand, they want to remain compliant to avoid fines from regulatory bodies. On the other, deploying verification checks is expensive, time-consuming, and high-friction – especially if they don’t have the resources of a large financial institution.

This is precisely why SEON’s AML solution helps. Simply enter a name into our AML module and SEON will automatically find matches in relevant lists. That includes PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), RCA (Relatives and Close Associates), crime lists, sanction lists, and more.

SEON’s AML lists cover the entire globe, and new lists are added and updated all the time, allowing you to enable continuous monitoring. If the status of your customers or business associates changes, you will be alerted as soon as possible, allowing you to take the necessary next steps, such as filing a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report).

By combining AML, and fraud prevention in one single tool, you reduce data silos, boost compliance, and reduce the costs associated with all three risk management strategies.


What kind of AML checks does SEON offer?

SEON’s AML API lets you check for names in a variety of data sources, including PEP and RCA lists, sanction lists, crime lists, and watch lists from financial authorities around the world. New databases are constantly added and regularly updated to let you stay on top of the latest global AML requirements.

Can you enable continuous AML monitoring?

Yes. SEON lets you select individuals you’d like to keep an eye on in the context of anti-money laundering. If their status changes, SEON will let you know as soon as it re-runs the checks, usually on a monthly basis.

Is SEON’s AML API suitable for my region?

SEON checks from a global list of databases, including the FCA in the UK, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, BaFin in Germany, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and many more. Check our detailed list of sources to see if your specific jurisdiction is covered. If it’s not, we can add the required lists for you.

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