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Extract Digital Signals from a Single IP Address

Our IP lookup tools help you spot suspicious users with harmful IPs, suspicious connections and cross-check their geolocation. Learn more about how someone is connecting to your website or app to separate good users from bad users.

IP Lookup

SEON’s IP lookup can pinpoint a user’s geolocation – and much more. Identify suspicious proxies, VPNs, and get a risk score based on an IP alone so you can spot connections between users, flag obvious fraudsters, and create a frictionless experience with good customers.

We Check for Unusual Settings

  • VPN or proxy use
  • Connecting through Tor
  • Datacenter IP
  • Blacklist database checks
  • Suspicious open ports
  • Geolocation data

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IP Lookup

Blocking users based on their IP address may be the oldest trick in the book but it’s also ineffective, as it leads to too many false positives. What’s much more valuable is gathering information about someone’s connection based on their IP. This is what we call an IP lookup.

The IP lookup process is a data enrichment process that lets you gather information about VPN or proxy usage, Tor connections, data center usage, and ISP as well as geolocation data. You can get remarkably precise location information, and even visualize it with our Google Maps widget.

The key is to get more information to use as part of your automated or manual risk scoring. You can decide if a VPN or Tor user is risky, or ignore certain parameters, and build models based on geolocation for your KYC and AML processes, iGaming bonus abuse, chargeback prevention, and much more.


What can SEON’s IP lookup do?

SEON’s reverse IP lookup tool gives you a wealth of information about a user based on their IP address only, which means you can gather this automatically instead of asking them. This includes their geolocation, whether they use VPNs or Tor, if they rely on harmful proxies, and much more

How do you leverage SEON’s IP lookup tool?

IP lookup tools are particularly helpful when combined with device fingerprinting and other data enrichment tools. This way you can profile users and highlight suspicious connections. You can protect customer accounts from takeovers, perform pre-KYC checks and even meet AML compliance.

Where can I find more information on using SEON for IP lookups?

SEON’s Knowledge Base has a full section on our IP API, breaking down exactly what you will know. We also have an online and downloadable IP Lookup Tools here.

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