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AI & Machine Learning

SEON includes powerful machine learning designed to help you identify risk patterns automatically. Based on flagged signups, logins, and transactions, it can recommend new rules to help spot patterns of user behavior. You can then calculate the accuracy of these rules and make decisions automatically according to confidence ratings.

Our whitebox rule suggestion algorithm is built on C5.0 and works best after processing at least 1,000 transactions. You can then receive suggestions for complex or heuristic rules to thwart even the most sophisticated fraudsters. Meanwhile, a separate blackbox ML module at SEON will examine each user’s activity and flag suspicious customers separately to the main engine, for added peace of mind.

The whitebox module provides human-readable reasoning to aid your analysts. The blackbox module uses CatBoost to calculate risk via a plug-and-play model that requires little interaction. As a SEON customer, you can choose to make use of both modules, just one or neither. The goal is always the same: to improve the accuracy of your fraud detection over time – based on your real and unique business landscape.


Is SEON’s machine learning algorithm blackbox or whitebox?

SEON offers both whitebox and blackbox solutions. You can start straight out of the box with the blackbox machine learning tool, which will tell you when a user is demonstrating suspicious behavior. This is an extra check that does not interfere with your fully readable ruleset-based fraud scoring. Moreover, you can also make use of our separate whitebox solution that delivers human-readable and testable rules that will work specifically for you.

How long does it take for SEON’s whitebox machine learning to suggest rules?

Our whitebox machine learning engine delivers the best results after it’s been fed at least 1000 declined transactions (or user actions), ideally with labels

What algorithm is SEON’s machine learning model built on?

SEON’s whitebox machine learning algorithm, which suggests new rules, is built on C5.0. The blackbox module, which provides blackbox risk scoring, uses CatBoost.

Where can I find more information on using SEON Machine Learning Model?

You can learn more about how SEON’s SEON Machine Learning Model in our Knowledge Base. Here is an article too about fraud detection in machine learning too.

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