Your First Line of Defense Against Fraud & Money Laundering

SEON's fraud prevention platform uses AI-driven insights to stop fraud before it happens.

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Online Fraud is Expected to Increase by Over 140% in the Next Five Years

To protect your business, you need a scalable end-to-end solution that can stay ahead of modern fraud attacks - without adding friction to your customers. That’s why businesses choose SEON as they scale and grow.

Protect Your Customers From Fraud and Stop Money Laundering

Secure Your Onboarding

From the initial click to sign-up, utilize advanced digital footprinting, device intelligence, ID verification, and real-time signals to immediately block fraudulent traffic and accounts.

Monitor User Activity In Real-Time

Accelerate transaction validations for a more efficient and seamless user experience with real-time activity monitoring.

Analyze AI-Driven Insights

Deploy machine learning-suggested rules or formulate your own with our codeless rule builder to enhance fraud detection, reduce manual reviews, and refine risk decision-making.

Consolidate Compliance In One Platform

Seamlessly orchestrate AML screening, case management and regulatory reporting into a single platform to streamline compliance and elevate operational efficiencies.

See Why Industry Leaders Rely on SEON

5,000+ global online businesses trust SEON for AML and fraud detection and protection.

Reviewer Company
Improved accuracy with great ROI
"SEON improves our accuracy by an extra 200 basis points. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but we are talking about 200 bpis of fraud cases we would be losing otherwise. And it’s often the last few points that are so hard to win as we fine-tune our models."
Reviewer Profile
Dmitri Lihhatsov
Fincrime Product Owner
Reviewer Company
Reviewer Company
90% increase in automated transaction approvals
The effects of deploying SEON have been pretty immediate and eye-opening. Ultimately, what it’s allowed us to do is have that peace of mind to drive our growth initiatives forward at full steam, knowing that we’re able to identify and mitigate the risk from potential fraud."
Reviewer Profile
Jonathan Kleinman
Head of Partnerships
Reviewer Company
Reviewer Company
40% drop in manual queries
"SEON radically improved our fraud prevention efficiency. The automation saves us time and effort that we can now dedicate to improving and updating our current procedures, policies and rules."
Reviewer Profile
Vladislav Notesvsky
Head of KYC
Reviewer Company
Reviewer Company
Frictionless onboarding & protection against rewards abuse
"SEON provides a flexible, dynamic solution that allows Bilt to innovate quickly in rewarding members on their rent and everyday spend while mitigating fraud."
Reviewer Profile
Brandt Smallwood
Chief Strategy Officer
Reviewer Company

Unite Your Fraud, Risk and Compliance Teams in a Single Platform

The #1 Fraud Detection & Prevention Platform loved by Fraud & Risk Teams

With more than 280+ reviews, SEON is the market leader and G2’s best fraud detection platform.


Take Your First Step Toward Transformative Fraud Prevention

“SEON significantly enhanced our fraud prevention efficiency, freeing up time and resources for better policies, procedures, and rules.”

Vladislav Notevskyi Head of KYC of Soft2Bet

  • Automate 95% of fraud checks
  • Reduce fraudulent registrations by 90%
  • Accelerate manual reviews by 90%

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