Fraud Prevention

Harness the power of AI to protect your business from fraud, get a 360° view of customers, and increase conversion rates.

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transaction fraud?

Deliver clear results with an automated, machine-driven workflow. SEON gives fraud managers a complete end-to-end solution that is transparent and integrates seamlessly into your platform.

Improve fraud detection rate

Reach an 80% success rate for preventing fraud in the global market.

Reduce manual review time

Save up to 15 minutes of review time.

Increase sales conversions

Up to 10% higher conversion by reducing false positives.

Enhance risk-management decisions

Receive clear, transparent decisions in fraction of a second.

Gránit Bank

Select the tools that make sense for your business, whether you are fighting transaction fraud and account takeover, preventing abuse or gaining greater insights into who your users are.

Email verification

Generates a risk score associated to a single email address.

Device fingerprint

Collects thorough insight about the devices associated to a user.

IP analysis

Generates a risk score associated to a single IP address.

Real-time analysis

Analyses the specific transactional and behavioural fraud patterns.

Seamless Integration

Our REST APIs are designed to integrate easily and to provide a flawless user experience so you can start reducing fraud in minutes.

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Thorough Data selection

SEON collects relevant transaction, device and customer information based on your industry’s specific needs.

Data Enriching

Our system aggregates external data from IP addresses, phone number, whois databases and social media sources for a 360° picture based on over 3000 metrics.

Precision Scoring

Combining the power of machine-learning with human intelligence, SEON delivers dynamic fraud scores to help you mitigate risk in real time.

Transparent Decisions

SEON offers transparent results in fraction of a second. It delivers a clear decision tree and whitebox results so you can maintain complete control.

Simple REST APIs
Fully modular integration
Radically improved UI
In-depth coverage of relevant risk vectors
Big data analysis & dynamic, real-time scoring
Combination of AI & human intelligence

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Get to know our Email API

Our Email API helps your online business to stop fraudsters just by looking at the Email address.