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We provide the highest standards of e-commerce fraud prevention by combining big data analytics with state-of-the-art techniques. All you sense of this is the rise in your revenues.

What We Do

We determine whether your transaction is fraudulent or not based on detailed data investigation. Our system examines factors ranging from browser details to transaction information.

We provide security solutions not only for e-commerce transaction but any type of online authentication such as polls, account logins and signups. Our aim is to help you decrease your losses by distinguishing between lawful and dishonest customers.

Easy integration

Our simple REST APIs provide you clear scoring systems and explanations.

How it works

All of the collected data is combined and run through our tools of deep analysis in order to ensure your safety.

IP risk analysis

Geo location and TOR, VPN detection and any proxy unmasking are just a few of the factors that our system retrieves from an IP address and scores it using our algorithm.

Email reputation score

Our analysis involves creation date lookup, checking for high-risk and disposable addresses and ensures full social media profiling of all your customers.

Behaviour & geo location

User behavior and transactional geo locations serve as important factors in detecting fraudulent activities. You can apply our APIs on multiple action points such as login, sign up etc.

Device fingerprint

Our system fetch any accessible and unevaluated data from the users browser and device and immediately detects any anomalies (such as emulators and virtual machines).

Data security

Your data is always secured behind firewalls in our PCI-DSS compliant data vault and can only be accessed via SSL.

Integration Guide


Our admin panel allows you to monitor how much revenue you have saved and allows you to review every costumer and transaction which goes trough our system.

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Easy to use

We designed our interface with ease of use as the primary factor in order to reduce manul review time and save revenue.

Make smart decisions

Visualize every data collected by our plaftorm. Blacklist / whitelist costumers and transactions. See what data is shared between your costumers. Run manual queries. Import / export your tables.

Manage your rules

Unlike other fraud prevention platforms we give you a base whitebox set of rules applied on our score, you can easily create and manage your own set of rules.


Follow our blog for the latest insights and trends in online fraud, data science and machine learning.

Get to know our email API

Our Email API helps your online business to stop fraudsters just by looking at the Email address.

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