Fraud Prevention

Harness the power of AI to protect your business from fraud, get a 360° view of customers, and increase conversion rates.

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Improve fraud detection rate

Reach an 80% success rate for preventing fraud in the global market.

Reduce manual review time

Save up to 15 minutes of review time.

Increase sales conversions

Up to 10% higher conversion by reducing false positives.

Enhance risk-management decisions

Receive clear, transparent decisions in fraction of a second.


Enrich data based on a single email, IP, phone, or location. SEON Intelligence Tool is the easiest way to get a complete picture of your users, directly via a browser extension.

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Fight fraud where and how your business needs to. SEON Sense enriches and analyzes data points at signup, checkout or login, and delivers clear precision scoring to help you mitigate fraud risk intelligently.

Full profiles from any data point

Enrich data from over 3000 points to screen users and flag fraudsters before they can harm your business.

Predictive scoring

Feed data to the Machine Learning algorithm and generate precise, dynamic scores your team can leverage to predict fraud and improve prevention.

Complete modular control

The intuitive SEON Sense dashboard enables collaboration, widgets, analytics, and custom rules tailored to your operations. You can even implement the standalone module that works best for your business.

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SEON can be deployed in a few hours via REST API, and SDKs for quick device data collection - even with your custom data points. Integrate one or all modules immediately and get transparent fraud scores within 200ms.

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