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Email verification

Generates a risk score associated to a single email address.

Device fingerprint

Collects thorough insight about the devices associated to a user.

IP analysis

Generates a risk score associated to a single IP address.

Transactional data analysis

Analyses the specific transactional and behavioural fraud patterns.

Payment Fraud

Abuse prevention

Account takeover

User profiling

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Our REST APIs were developed with a strong focus on easy integration and a flawless user experience.

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Data selection

The system collects all relevant information about the transaction and customer along with a device fingerprinting module, serving all relevant business use cases.

Data transformation

The SEON engine enriches the data-fields from wide-ranging open and social sources to provide a 360degree view about the online users and transactions.

Fraud scoring analysis

Our scoring engine relies on advanced machine learning and human intelligence to deliver accurate fraud scores having identified the relevant fraud patterns.


Within less than 1 second, you receive a transparent decision based on the knowledge and information gathered by the SEON engine.

Simple REST APIs
Fully modular integration
Radically improved UI
In-depth coverage of relevant risk vectors
Big data analysis & dynamic, real-time scoring
Combination of AI & human intelligence

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Get to know our Email API

Fake and freshly created Email addresses can be quickly filtered with the deep social media profiling, creation date checking and domain verification capabilities of the Email API.