Email Lookup
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"The social media information provided when searching an email is a great help in verifying a user."

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The Closest Thing to Checking an Online Passport

Email addresses are digital passports we use to access services. Let SEON enrich emails at registration, and offer insight into your customers. Check whether the email is registered on over 50 digital and social platforms, if it's been involved in data breaches and if you should trust its owner or not.

Email Lookup

Discover the history and depth of an email to identify newly created mailboxes without social media and digital footprints. Most people have at least 5 digital and social profiles and 2–3 email data breaches – but fraudsters usually create temporary, throwaway emails without such history.

SEON has the most comprehensive digital and social media lookup module available. Check more than 50+ digital and social media sites for a wealth of data, including user avatar, bio, and profile info.

We Check for Unusual Settings

  • Emails that do not work
  • No digital or social profiles
  • Email not involved in data breaches
  • Address tied newly registered domain
  • Throwaway email profiles
  • Spam-listed addresses

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Email Lookup

Discover users' hidden digital footprint based on an email address alone. Our email lookup tool demonstrates the real history and presence of a user in the online world.

It is unsustainable for fraudsters to mimic the online activity of a legitimate user. This is why SEON's approach to fighting fraud and mitigating risk using email lookup works so well.

SEON offers one of the most comprehensive digital and social media lookups available, uniquely checking more than 50+ online platforms and social media sites for a wealth of data, including user avatars, bio, and profile info. It's your chance to flag fraudsters and junk users in seconds before they onboard your platform or cost you extra in KYC checks.


What can SEON’s reverse email lookup do?

Our reverse email lookup tool uses an email address as primary data and enriches it to give you information such as the email address owner’s name, their social media profiles, and whether the email domain is trustworthy or not.

How much does it cost to check email addresses using SEON?

SEON’s reverse email lookup tool is available on a pay-per-API call basis, where you only pay for what you need. You can read more about our pricing here.

What’s the difference between email lookup and SEON’s reverse email lookup?

An email lookup tool lets you find an email address based on someone’s name. A reverse email lookup tool lets you find a name (or other information) based on an email address. While SEON’s solution is technically a reverse email lookup tool, the two terms have become more or less interchangeable in recent years.

Is SEON’s reverse email lookup tool legally compliant?

Yes, reverse email lookup tools are completely legal. SEON only aggregates open-source data and meets all GDPR requirements.

How can I read more about SEON’s reverse email lookup tool?

Our email verification API documentation is publicly available here. We’ve also got a complete guide on reverse email lookup tools here.

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