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John Doe

Match found


Name: John Doe

Source: canada-consolidated

Name: John Doe

Source: EU


Name: John Doe

Source: canada-consolidated

Crime List

Watch List

PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime List, Watch ListPEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime List, Watch List

PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime List, Watch List

All for a flat fee of USD 0.11 per check.

Turn on monitoring, so you get notified of changes when they happen.

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All Data in One Platform, One API CallAll Data in One Platform, One API Call

All Data in One Platform, One API Call

Tired of manually searching separate databases? Get more data on your customer all in one glance.

Use our Admin Panel for an intuitive interface, or automate everything with one API call.*

*AML API can be integrated on its own, or used as part of our Fraud API.

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Combine With Our Other APIs for Richer Insights. Anti-Fraud & AML All in One Place.

A single source that combines insights from a simple name, email, phone, or even IP. SEON is the only comprehensive customer intelligence platform with all the digital and social insights for seamless KYC.

Combat Fincrime Successfully

  • See if a client is potentially connected to bribery, corruption, or money laundering
  • Use our data as evidence for AML/KYC compliance checks
  • Protect your reputation from AML/KYC scandals
  • Comply with 6AMLD and other regulatory requirements
  • Avoid fines and imprisonment
  • Don't waste time manually searching all global sanctions databases

AML Solutions

AML solutions can be costly, hard to integrate, and a black hole where good user data disappears. This is why SEON’s AML API is designed to work hand-in-hand with our data enrichment, risk scoring, and customer intelligence features.

SEON offers complete flexibility when it comes to using our AML API, which is available as a standalone API, as part of our Fraud API integration, or through the SEON Admin Panel.

Simply send a customer’s full name, and SEON will scan a wide range of databases for matches and similarities. The AML API can automate PEP checks, RCA checks, sanction lists checks, as well as crime and watch lists checks. In addition, you can enable automated monitoring, which is designed to keep you informed in someone’s status is updated (for instance, after a promotion which could make them a Politically Exposed Person).

The ultimate goal is to streamline AML checks for your company, so you can reduce the risk of regulatory fines and ensure a smooth, compliant operation – regardless of the region in which you operate.


Does SEON’s AML API support multiple character sets?

Yes. SEON’s AML API supports Unicode and UTF-8 encoding. You can search for a person’s name using a variety of writing systems, including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, or Persian.

How much does it cost to use SEON’s AML API?

SEON offers a pay-per-API-call model, where you only pay for what you use. Our free plan gives you access to up to 2,000 calls per month.

Does SEON’s AML API have global coverage?

Yes. SEON covers global lists in dozens of regions. New lists are constantly added, and you can even request us to add specific databases to ensure we meet your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Where can I find more information on using SEON AML API?

You can learn more about how SEON’s AML API solution works in our Knowledge Base. Here is an article too about AML Fraud.

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