Reduce Crypto andForex Fraud

Process more card payments without risking chargebacks and AML or KYC fines.

Use SEON tools to verify cardholders’ identities, authenticate logins, and reduce all crypto and forex exchange fraud rates.

See how to detect and reduce crypto and forex exchange fraud rates with SEON’s solution

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Control KYC and ID checks

Don’t let users enter your exchange or withdraw with fake or stolen ID documents. Use digital footprint analysis to complete their profiles with fresh, trustworthy alternative data. SEON is the only fraud prevention solution that lets you check 50+ social media networks to confirm users’ identities and to block fake or synthetic IDs.

Avoid AML fines

Leverage custom risk rules to monitor suspicious behaviour, high-volume trades and large payments. You can set thresholds for automatic manual review, or link SEON with your favourite web app to get instant notifications. Our whitebox machine learning system will also suggest rules to apply in order to remain compliant with every new regulation.

Stay in card networks’ good books

Crypto exchanges are already considered high risk. Reduce your chargeback rates without increasing false positives to ensure card operators don’t block payments on your site. With SEON’s advanced data enrichment, you can ensure that only the legitimate cardholders buy crypto and that you have all the data to prove it in case of a chargeback dispute.

Secure every user login

Protect your users’ accounts without slowing down their journey. Implement risk-based authentication that only triggers 2FA / SMS verification for high-risk logins. A combination of device fingerprinting and IP analysis can highlight suspicious connections, so users always trust your exchange’s security.

We couldn’t be happier with SEON. The numbers in fraud reduction speak for themselves. But the ability to see customer connections is the feature our fraud team uses the most to combat multi-accounting, ATO and overall fraud attempts.

Luca Giancola - Head of Risk, Anti-fraud and Payments at Libertex Group
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Luca Giancola
Head of Risk, Anti-fraud and Payments at Libertex Group

All the anti-fraud tools we looked at could have helped to some extent, but none of the companies we contacted offered as much freedom as SEON when it comes to custom filters.

 Gabor Galantai - COO and Founder at CoinCash
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Gabor Galantai
COO and Founder at CoinCash

The system was surprisingly easy to integrate and to operate, but it was really the GUI that sealed the deal for our risk team.

Sergiu Draganus - CEO at Cryptocoin
SEON partner, Cryptocoin logo
Sergiu Draganus
CEO at Cryptocoin

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