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Fraud prevention at your business

Do I need a fraud prevention system?

Fraud prevention can be the bane of some businesses, but also invisible to others. High chargeback rates are a clear indicator of fraudulent attacks, but some can go undetected until you implement a system.

  • If you are in a high risk industry, it is likely you are suffering attacks without noticing them.
  • If user authentication is a part of your business, it is highly recommended to implement a fraud prevention to stop account takeovers and identity theft.
  • Regulatory bodies are increasingly stringent about fraud prevention measures. To avoid hefty fines, it’s important to show you have put the best security in place.

Finally, many organisations think they are too small to be targets of fraud. As we’ve discovered, companies of all sizes can be attacked, and in an increasing number of verticals.

How can I know it will solve my problem?

With the Sense Platform, you get a free account trial period to test the features. We can also run a batch test for you based on your historical data to see how well the system would do the screening for you.

Free integration, free trial!

Is it worth implementing a third-party fraud prevention system?

There are pros and cons to using both in-house or third party fraud prevention solutions.We have listed all of them in this post, but our argument is that third-party solutions can now be implemented with as much flexibility, customisation and efficiency than in-house solutions. All without being light on resources, and requiring no additional cost in staff, IT and maintenance.

I have a fraud management system, how can I make it better?

The Intelligence Tool may provide high added value during the manual review process and can also be of benefit if you are generally seeking to enrich your data-points for a better overview of your customers. It gives you a better sense of the trustworthiness of the email address for example, by checking if it is used with any of the social media sites we check, indicating a risk factor associated with that address.

How can I reduce my chargeback rate?

There are three key actions you can take:

  1. Screen new accounts creation: verifying digital identities at the registration stage will go a long way in protecting you against fraudsters.
  2. Add a security check before confirming transactions: preferably with an automated system to keep your response time low enough for good customer experience.
  3. Filter out repeat offenders: use tools to automatically highlight patterns of chargeback requests, even with friendly fraud.

How can I protect my users against account takeovers?

The best stage to detect risk is at login. By analyzing and comparing data points relating to devices, geolocation, IP or even the browser used, you can flag suspicious login attempts that indicate higher risk.

Data and analysis

What data is necessary for fraud prevention?

First of all, it is up to you to decide what to send. Obviously, the more data points, the better the system can do its job. What we recommend depends on the specific use case, but to give an idea: transactional data, user related information and device data are important when it comes to accurately assessing the risk related to a user.

Can I send custom data points to the system? I have useful data that is very specific to my business.

Yes. The SEON system collects all the risk-relevant data points and we also offer industry specific pre-set rules. You may also send your own information, like VIP membership, flight number, promo code, etc. Custom rules and filters can be set up based on them and machine learning also adapts to custom parameters.

How does the risk scoring work?

At SEON, we work with rules and each of them either adds or deducts points from the “risk score” which will be between 0 (not risky) and 100 (very risky). You have the option to decide where to draw the line by setting your own thresholds.

What kind of rules do you have that affect the risk score?

We have pre-set rules, based on our own data, but you have the option to add a rule that fits your business. Our machine learning is also offering you rules and you may decide to turn a few of them on. The rules can look at any of the sent data points and work as exact-match, velocity, data comparison, user behavior.

What if the fraud prevention system blocks too many transactions/creates false positives? How can I make sure it doesn’t?

The system calculates risk scores based on the rules you select. You also have the option to set risk thresholds. In this sense you have full authority over the level of risk you are willing to accept, and the system will work respecting your choice. Machine Learning always stays under human supervision to ensure low false positives rates by validating it transparently against confusion matrixes which can include monetary values.

Is SEON GDPR compliant?

Yes. We have released a blog post last year about GDPR and fraud prevention, and have taken all the steps necessary to remain compliant, including:

  • Our EU infrastructure: servers, databases are based in the EU (Dublin, Ireland) on AWS - if you need any certificate from them we can provide.
  • Only our head of engineering has access to the production database (only through dedicated, whitelisted VPN and encrypted keys).
  • SEON's standard agreement includes taking responsibility for data privacy.
  • We have our appointed Data Protection Officer.
  • We are registered as a data processor at the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection.
  • Fraud prevention is a legal basis for processing data according to the GDPR.

Integration & Usage

What is the difference between SEON Sense Platform and SEON Intelligence Tool?

The Sense Platform was designed to offer a full-range solution for fraud detection, using numerous data points, scoring system, reporting, etc. It is the product to use when you need a fully equipped fraud management system. The Intelligence Tool is a “piece” of this, a module of the platform which was designed for those who only need to check e-mail address, IP address, or phone number for additional information. It is ideal if you already have a system but need to boost it with this function, or you are only interested in manual checks.

For a detailed comparison, check out our product page!

Can my team use my subscription?

Yes, you need only one subscription and access may be shared with several team members. You also have the option to see who did what by checking the logs in the system and set permission levels for each team group.

How can I integrate a fraud prevention system?

It’s very easy to integrate our simple REST API. You can read more on this topic on integration page.

How long does it take to integrate SEON’s system?

Flawless integration was our key objective from day one. This is why we created a single API end-point so you can deploy the full solution in less than an hour. More information can be found about the integration here. For those who want an even lighter solution, the Intelligence Tool works directly as a Chrome plugin and requires no integration whatsoever.

What is the SEON interface like?

Our key admin panel is designed to be intuitive for fraud and risk managers. It lets you create rules in seconds and see analytics at a glance. The data enrichment tool is also available via a single browser extension.

What support do you offer?

We offer online support (ticket system, email and chat as well) as well as phone support every workday from 9am to 5pm, Central European Times.

Pricing and Billing

Micro fee or chargeback guarantee for fraud prevention systems?

Both pricing models have advantages and disadvantages. We believe in the micro fee model, because that way there is no clash of interest between client and provider. In chargeback model, it is the interest of the provider to decline even slightly risky transactions, causing unaccounted revenue loss for the client. We wrote a detailed blog post about the comparing micro fee and chargeback models. Or if you need even more information, download our guide that will aid you in evaluation fraud prevention systems.

How does the fraud prevention pricing work?

The Sense Platform is paid based on the level of usage. Each reviewed transaction will cost a few cents. The sum will be invoiced by the beginning of the next month. For the Intelligence Tool, you may choose from several monthly subscription packages which include different number of requests. For more details, check out our pricing page or contact us for a quotation!

Does SEON offer chargeback guarantee?

No. We work with the micro-transaction model, because we believe this is an option which does not result in conflict of interest between you and us. You may read about the comparison of these pricing models in our blog post here.

Is there a minimum fee at SEON?

Yes, the minimum fee is 99 $/month.

What payment methods are accepted at SEON?

Default payment option is credit card. Based on special agreement we could support other payment options as well.

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