Fraud prevention at your business

Do I need a fraud prevention system?
How can I know it will solve my problem?
Is it worth implementing a third-party fraud prevention system?
I have a fraud management system, how can I make it better?
How can I reduce my chargeback rate?
How can I protect my users against account takeovers?

Data and analysis

What data is necessary for fraud prevention?
Can I send custom data points to the system? I have useful data that is very specific to my business.
How does the risk scoring work?
What kind of rules do you have that affect the risk score?
What if the fraud prevention system blocks too many transactions/creates false positives? How can I make sure it doesn’t?
Is SEON GDPR compliant?

Integration & Usage

What is the difference between SEON Sense Platform and SEON Intelligence Tool?
Can my team use my subscription?
How can I integrate a fraud prevention system?
How long does it take to integrate SEON’s system?
What is the SEON interface like?
What support do you offer?

Pricing and Billing

Micro fee or chargeback guarantee for fraud prevention systems?
How does the fraud prevention pricing work?
Does SEON offer chargeback guarantee?
Is there a minimum fee at SEON?
What payment methods are accepted at SEON?