Banking andInsurance Fraud

Onboard more customers with less friction while remaining compliant and competitive.

Integrate SEON with your banking or insurance platform for financial fraud protection that does a lot more than just reducing fraud rate close to 0%.

You can leverage advanced tools like data enrichment and machine learning rules to identify, block and reduce online financial fraud in days only.

How can banks and insurance companies use SEON?

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Control online account openings

Perform a complete digital footprint analysis to block customers using stolen and fake identity. Slash fake account creation and stop money laundering rings in their tracks – at no friction cost for legitimate users.

Reduce AML risk and improve your KYC checks with the best banking fraud protection tools for fraud managers and risk teams.

Secure login authentication

Prevent account takeover without slowing down your customer journey. Implement risk-based authentication that only triggers 2FA / SMS verification for high risk logins. Protect your organization from phishing attacks and online financial fraud, and improve security for your users’ online wallets.

Can you promise you meet Strong Customer Authentication goals? Combine fraud prevention with KYC tools to avoid regulatory fines and grow your financial business with full peace of mind.

Ensure PSD2 and 3DS 2.0 compliance

Maximize accepted transactions and minimize buyer friction while ensuring you comply with the latest directives and regulatory frameworks.

SEON’s banking fraud prevention solution secures open APIs for historical data access and real-time payments, and predefined rules designed to meet Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – which you can optimize and extend through machine learning or manual tweaking.

Keep acquiring costs at bay

Increase the precision of your banking fraud protection results and reduce chargeback costs. Automatically flag fraud merchants with high risk scores who bring bad customers and stolen card deposits.

Block bad affiliates and get more from your marketing dollars if your fintech uses referral programs, and start onboarding more users today.

All the anti-fraud tools we looked at could have helped to some extent, but none of the companies we contacted offered as much freedom as SEON when it comes to custom filters.

Gabor Galantai - COO and Founder at CoinCash
SEON partner, CoinCash white logo
Gabor Galantai
COO and Founder at CoinCash

We contacted SEON and the negotiations were super sleek. Best of all, it took us about 30 mins to implement the Email API.

Jacob Ortega - CTO at albo
SEON partner, Albo white logo
Jacob Ortega
CTO at albo

We had a feeling social media presence could help validate a user identity, but SEON was really what we needed to establish that correlation.

Kaspars Magaznieks - Fraud Manager at Sun Finance
SEON partner, Sun Finance white logo
Kaspars Magaznieks
Fraud Manager at Sun Finance

We couldn’t be happier with SEON. The numbers in fraud reduction speak for themselves. But the ability to see customer connections is the feature our fraud team uses the most to combat multi-accounting, ATO and overall fraud attempts.

Luca Giancola - Head of Risk, Anti-fraud and Payments at Libertex Group
SEON partner, Libertex Group logo
Luca Giancola
Head of Risk, Anti-fraud and Payments at Libertex Group

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