Banking and insurance are industries that need to fight fraud

Banking and Insurance

Onboard more customers with less friction while remaining compliant and competitive. Integrate SEON with your banking or insurance platform for a solution that does a lot more than just reducing fraud rate close to 0%.

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iGaming, especially gambling faces high fraud rates due to multiaccounting and promo abuse


Keep gamers playing safely without spoiling their fun – or frustrating their attempts to join your platform with zealous ID checks. SEON removes threats, bad players, and all attempts to damage your business, while ensuring legitimate players keep coming back for more.

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Online lending faces the challenge of credit scoring using little information to keep defaults at bay

Online Lending

Preemptively eliminate defaulting customers and enlarge your market by taking control of your credit risk analysis. SEON lets you scale your payday loan or fast loan business by reaching the right borrowers, and ensuring they truly are who they say they are.

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Chargebacks are a huge issue for online merchants in ecommerce


Increase your turnover by reducing chargeback overheads and resources lost to fraudulent buyers. SEON becomes a trusted gatekeeper of your online store, empowering fraud managers to fight more efficiently and to protect legitimate customers.

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Illegal, resold tickets, loyatly fraud are a big issue for travel and ticketing industry.

Travel and Ticketing

Don’t let fraudsters, scalpers and ticket touts get in between your platform and genuine users. Increase profits by eliminating reseller market opportunities and ensure your ticketing or travel platform is 100% fraud free to increase legitimate buyer satisfaction.

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Payment processing is an important step to stop fraudulent transactions.

Payment Gateways

Take control of fraud management by removing threats, bad merchants, and fraudsters from the equation. SEON enables boosts prevention on all fronts, letting you build stronger merchant relationships and process more payments with full peace of mind.

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