Increase your turnover by reducing chargeback overheads and resources lost to fraudulent buyers.

SEON becomes a trusted gatekeeper of your online store, empowering fraud managers to fight more efficiently and to protect legitimate customers.

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Lower chargeback rates and friendly fraud costs

Prevent payments from stolen cards or credentials and block unauthorized transactions before they hurt your business. Improve your success rate when disputing false refunds and chargeback requests, and meet card networks chargeback ratios.

Decrease manual review efforts

Save time, money and staff resources on manual reviews by automatically delivering important data to your analyst / fraud manager in a clear dashboard. Combine the power of email, IP, device and behavior analysis with machine learning to support your decisions, and access visualization and reporting features at your fingertips.

Reduce gift card and coupon abuse

Automatically detect fake accounts through complete digital footprint analysis. Flag customers using stolen or fake IDs to ensure only real buyers benefit from your promos and to eliminate multi-accounting.

Secure login authentication

Prevent account takeover without slowing down your customer journey. Implement risk-based authentication that only triggers 2FA or SMS verification for high risk logins. Protect your organization from phishing attacks, and improve security for your users’ online wallets.

Stop fraud-related threats

  • Identity theft
  • Reversed payments
  • Chargebacks
  • Disputed payments
  • Friendly fraud
  • Account takeover
  • Bot attacks

The system was surprisingly easy to integrate and to operate, but it was really the GUI that sealed the deal for our risk team.

Sergiu Draganus - CEO at Cryptocoin
SEON partner, Cryptocoin logo
Sergiu Draganus
CEO at Cryptocoin

We wanted a solution that was easy to test, had transparent scoring and was highly customizable. It also needed to analyze user reputation based on email address and IP. SEON covered all those needs and more by having a dedicated support team and a good price.

Hugo Monteiro - Product Lead, E-GOI
SEON partner, E-GOI logo
Hugo Monteiro
Product Lead, E-GOI

I couldn’t believe how fast the results came. Our chargeback rates dropped by 91% in one month only.

Gergely Kálmán CEO, Buffered
SEON partner, buffered logo
Gergely Kálmán
CEO, Buffered

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