Emailage Alternatives & Competitors

Email intelligence is just one key aspect of a strong risk management product stack, and Emailage has been one of the leading providers of such information since 2012.

This article will break down what Emailage has to offer, how it integrates with other LexisNexis solutions since its acquisition, and what alternatives are available on the market today.

Disclaimer: Everything in this article was gleaned from online research including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test all the tools. However, we ensured the information was correct as of Q3 2022. Feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

Best Emailage Alternatives

CompanyCore FeaturesNotable ClientsSummary
SEON• digital profiling
• whitebox AI transaction monitoring
• preset industry + customizable rules 
• email, IP + phone data enrichment analysis
• advanced device fingerprinting
• AML screening
Nubank, Air France, KindredMore in-depth customer profiling with flexible rulesets, AML screening, free plan.
Whitepages• open source information access
• email, phone, and address lookup
• database of over 275 million people
• business intelligence
• direct Ekata integration
N/AEasy to use CDD tool to verify users or businesses 
ArkOwl• data enrichment 
• email analysis
• device fingerprinting 
• X-Sight marketplace
• Phone number verification
Google, PayPalBasic data enrichment & email analysis tool 
Kount• custom rules 
• chargeback guarantee model 
• 32bn user interactions-per-year database
• policy and practice advice 
New Balance, Staples, Dunkin’ DonutsSecure end-to-end platform, chargeback management
TruValidate• transparent 2FA 
• skip tracing database 
• options for different needs flexible
• ID verification 
• consultancy service
Upwork, Nike, Western UnionMultiple ID verification solutions, with fraud prevention
IPQualityScore• free services
• email, IP and phone verification
• mobile device fingerprinting 
• bot detection
• VPN detection
Rakuten, Disney, American AirlinesBot detection and user screening specialists

Six Emailage Alternatives 

With all this in mind, let’s look at six alternative options that might be better suited for your business requirements. 


SEON is a global fraud prevention and detection business with offices in London, Budapest, Jakarta, and Austin, Texas. 

Born out of a demand for more flexible risk management software, SEON offers both singular API integrations and a complete end-to-end fraud prevention platform. 

Its standout solution is the reverse email and phone lookup module, which uses OSINT to analyze the data submitted to provide an overall risk score. This traces 90+ online platforms to support customer due diligence, resting on the assumption that an honest, legitimate user will have some form of digital footprint.

The end-to-end platform combines multiple solutions such as IP and behavioral analysis, device fingerprinting, and velocity checks to provide a holistic platform for your business all through an easy-to-use GUI designed by industry experts specifically for fraud managers.

If you must meed compliance requirements, specifically pertaining to AML, it’s also worth noting that SEON has a module for that use case. You can’t enter an email address, but a full name will work.

SEON also offers industry presets as well as flexible rules that run through a whitebox AI system that explains why each decision was reached based on the ruleset you’re working with. 

Stopping Fraud Requires More Than Email Analysis

SEON offers a complete anti-fraud and AML solution with more data points to stop fraud before it happens

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Seattle-based Whitepages recently became a standalone product targeting consumers and small businesses, with its parent company Ekata offering its services as part of its enterprise identity verification products.

In short, Whitepages is an online resource that can trace people and businesses with a database of more than 275 million people. 

Businesses can help verify user identities through the use of one of its four key offerings:

  • People Search 
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Reverse Adress Lookup
  • Business Search

The service, which can be integrated with Ekata, is most commonly used for free on the website, but also offers a premium plan. Notably, Whitepages Premium is only accessible in the United States, and pricing is not currently listed.

For small businesses, this can be an efficient way to help verify user information. However, it is worth noting that this would only be effective with an end-to-end platform supporting alongside it.


Founded in 2012, ArkOwl is a lightweight data enrichment solution that analyzes a user-submitted email and phone number. 

It gathers information from some of the main social networks and 81+ data points to predict the risk level of a potential user, using domain, breaches, and social networks as identifiers. All this data is 100% live and doesn’t rely on a potentially stale database. 

Businesses can have unlimited users on their account with the option of either a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go, and a free trial to test before purchase.

The company joined NICE Actimze’s platform-as-a-service in 2019 so integration with other products within this ecosystem will be streamlined. Furthermore, integration is available with Accertify

Given its limited offering beyond email and phone analysis, this is best suited for companies looking to enhance their customer due diligence checks when coupled with risk management software.


Idaho-based Kount has been in the fraud prevention game since 2006, becoming part of the Equifax family following its acquisition by the consumer credit agency in 2021. 

The firm has established itself as a true leader in the space with its products and services powered by its own Identity Trust Global Network, built upon a database of 15,000+ customers across 75+ industries and 200+ countries. 

This database features over 13 years’ worth of data & up to 32 billion interactions a year, however, it is worth noting that the firm has limited capabilities when it comes to live data and therefore brings the risk of potentially stale information. 

It generates an overall risk score, dubbed Omniscores, that uses rules to judge whether a transaction should be automatically approved, declined, or pushed to manual review.

Kount offers a number of risk-management products, including:

  • Kount 360 is the company’s flagship fraud prevention product, designed to reduce payment risk by leveraging the power of AI.
  • Kount Control: For a boost in authentication andprotection against account takeover attacks, which includes the option for MFA and combines machine learning, device intelligence, and customizable business policies to uncover risky devices, track failed login attempts, and protect against high-velocity attacks.
  • Kount Central: A solution created specifically for payment service providers that adds its core offering (Command) to a PSPs merchant portfolio.
  • A chargeback and dispute management tool which includes a chargeback guarantee that covers any fraud-related chargebacks that passed by its automatic decisioning.


Formerly known as Iovation, TruValidate is the new ID verification and fraud prevention arm of TransUnion with a range of solutions across identity proofing, risk-based authentication, and fraud analytics.

Founded in 2004, Iovation developed a leading reputation within the iGaming industry and has a database of over 10 billion unique devices from every country in the world, now further enhanced after the TransUnion takeover. 

The firm offers a range of B2B solutions, including: 

  • bank verification
  • card verification
  • identity verification
  • email verification
  • device risk assessment
  • document verification
  • biometrics verification 
  • phone verification
  • fraud alerts

Considered in direct comparison to Emailage, TruValidate’s email and phone verification analyzes the validity, longevity and usage to provide a risk scored based on their behavior and submitted information – but with no social media lookups whatsoever. 

It’s worth noting that due to the nature of TransUnion’s product stack, accessing certain modules might be more difficult than with other companies. 


IPQualityScore, otherwise referred to as IPQS, offers a range of solutions including proxy detection, email verification, phone validation, device fingerprinting and more anti-fraud tools. 

Founded in 2011, the company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and operates on a freemium basis, with users able to track 5,000 records each month completely free.

Its device fingerprinting service tags users with a device tracking ID and evaluates over 300 data points to determine the risk of a user via an overall risk score.

Their main offering (Fraud Fusion) covers:  

  • IP address & device reputation
  • email address reputation
  • phone number reputation
  • physical address verification
  • personal names
  • payment & transaction info
  • 2,500 custom rules 
  • 20 alert signals
  • free enterprise support

IPQS offers their modules in a number of scaled plans. The pricing begins with their free tools like email and IP lookups, with 10 custom rulesets and 1 alert. These go all the way up to $3,999 per month for enterprise-level businesses, offering 7500 custom rules and 30 alert signals, with predictable price points in between for organizations of all sizes.

Depending on the modules you choose, businesses can access a risk score that’s based on the quality of data submitted through the vendor’s API including billing info, home address, phone number, order amount and 30 other data variables.

What Does Emailage Offer?

Acquired by LexisNexis in 2020, Emailage offers user intelligence through the use of email analysis and predictive risk scoring.

Through the use of machine learning, the score is generated through the combination of LexisNexis’ Digital Identity Network and Emailage’s own proprietary database, with basic social media checks also involved.

Emailage operates on a pay-per-check basis and is a lightweight product that can help verify a user’s email address with no added friction to their customer journey.

The risk score is based on a number of data points:

  • email status
  • email activity
  • identity association
  • email lifespan
  • email reported fraud
  • IP address association

Despite being a more mature solution, the company does offer a Google Chrome extension and this software can be easily embedded into any existing agreement with LexisNexis – a plus side if you’re already using their technology. 

Why Look for an Emailage Alternative?

You need a whitebox machine learning solution that provides human-readable rule suggestions and actionable insights to combat specific fraud.

Since the company is now part of the LexisNexis family, integration with their other solutions is easy and can come in handy if you’re already working with them. However, this can ramp up costs quickly when faced with adding individual modules. Thus, another solution might be better suited that offers other features such as device fingerprinting in an end-to-end offering. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Emailage’s social media checks and access to live, real-time data is limited too; leaning solely on a proprietary database can result in a higher false-positive rate due to the risk of stale data. 

The #1 Fraud Prevention Platform Loved by Fraud & Risk Teams

With more than 280+ reviews, SEON is the market leader and G2’s best fraud detection solution.

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Email intelligence remains to be a valuable way to validate a user entering or transacting with your service. 

If you’re an enterprise business, Emailage being embedded into your LexisNexis package would be no doubt be an incredibly valuable asset. However, for SMEs, there are more affordable options on the market. 

As always, understanding your business’s requirements, the key challenges your industry faces, and the margins you are working with are all vital when making a decision. So, we recommend trialing products before committing. 

FAQ for Emailage Alternatives

What cheaper alternatives are there to Emailage?

Since the acquisition, the cost of Emailage is likely to be embedded in a wider package of LexisNexis products so we recommend contacting the company for more information.

Where can I learn more about Emailage?

Visit the official website and enquire about a demo, or if you’re interested in learning more about how SEON stacks up against Emailage directly, check out our SEON vs Emailage guide here.

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