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Marketing itself first and foremost as a RiskOps platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence, Feedzai is known for providing AML functionality and preventing fraud.  For those who are considering an alternative to Feedzai, we have prepared this guide. 

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research, including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test every tool. This article was last updated in Q3 2022. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction. Images have been sourced from review sites.

Best Feedzai Competitors

CompanyCore FeaturesNotable ClientsSummary
SEON• digital footprint analysis
• whitebox AI rules + blackbox monitoring
• industry presets + customizable rules 
• email, IP & phone data enrichment
• advanced device fingerprinting
Revolut, Air France, KindredUnique in-depth customer profiling and flexible rules
Fraudio• payment risk scoring
• connects all stakeholders via centralized AI
• SCA and risk management optimization
• rule recommendations
• seasonal and event-based adaptability
Viva Wallet, Borgun, NovalnetPlug & play system that scales automatically with more data
• customer screening and monitoring
• transaction risk management
• Know-Your-Business (KYB) functionality
• data on 2B individuals, 700M companies from over 20k sources
• live checks on sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media lists
Santander UK, OakNorth Bank, CurveEnterprise-scale AML and compliance screening 
FICO• credit scoring
• complete digital transformation
• unsupervised and semi-supervised ML models
• multiple products across KYC, AML, debt, marketing
• self-service communication module
Mastercard, American Airlines, National Bank of AustraliaPioneer in credit scoring also offering complete digital transformation capabilities 
HAWK:AI • custom rules
• sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media
• whitebox machine learning 
• behavioral analytics option
• share information across subsidiaries
Ratepay, North American Bancard and ModularbankCloud-native, modular AML platform
LexisNexis• ID segment verifying name, address, date of birth and/or social security
• multiple acquisitions now part of the portfolio
• on-premise deployment
• Emailage for email analysis
• ThreatMetrix for graph visualization 
TripAdvisor, Gol Airlines, GoProComprehensive solutions provider with a wealth of modules

Six Feedzai Competitors 

With the above in mind as well as the many available solutions on offer, we’ve chosen six alternatives to Feedzai that might be more suitable for your business. 


SEON offers a streamlined focused platform to eliminate fraudsters without friction before they gain access to your site – as well as monitor their actions at a later stage. 

Through a mix of device and IP intelligence, digital footprint analysis and a granular, customizable scoring engine, companies have full visibility and transparency into every decision. 

As well as automated feedback, SEON’s whitebox, explainable AI trains itself hourly to tweak and improve your strategy to accept the right users and maximize revenue. All the while, the blackbox ML module works behind the scenes, optionally, to catch new and unusual cases of fraud.

In practice, SEON can spot fraudsters through examining hundreds of live data points, including by identifying suspicious software and hardware setups such as: 

  • browsers designed to get around existing fraud solutions
  • privacy browsers, suspicious browsers, browser spoofing
  • anti-fingerprinting extensions and tools
  • combinations of bots, scripts and testing tools
  • virtual machine environments, emulators, proxies
  • rare browser environments and screen resolutions

As well as this, SEON’s unique data enrichment tool is aimed at a digital generation, running in real-time, using an email and/or phone to see if a person exists on over 90 social media networks. The end result is robust fraud prevention and valuable insight into one’s customers.

Unmatched Customer Insights that Stop Fraud Earlier

SEON gathers data in real-time – leveraging over 90 digital and social signals and deep device intelligence – to deliver the most complete and accurate customer validation.

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Netherlands-based Fraudio offers a pay-per-use fraud prevention platform, boasting no integration or setup costs whatsoever.

The solution is built around a centralized AI brain, connecting all customers and utilizing big data sets with both whitebox and blackbox machine learning to process payment acceptance and monitor transactions.

Similar to SEON, this vendor uses a simple and intuitive traffic lights system to easily present the score of each transaction, enabling your team to act accordingly.

Fraudio’s machine learning AI connects all stakeholders automatically to address the common issue of data siloing, and offers feedback on each rule you’re currently using to stay on top of risk trends. 

As well as this, they offer a specialized merchant-initiated fraud detection module for PSPs and payment gateways to spot risky merchant transactions. 


As its moniker alludes to, ComplyAdvantage looks to make compliance and risk easier for those that use it. 

With many platforms offering long and tedious integration phases, ComplyAdvantage has been designed specifically for ease of use, incorporating adverse media and PEP checks with advanced transaction screening and monitoring technology.

The ComplyData module explores user and business connections in a single platform to minimize data siloing – and the results speak for themselves, with a 50% reduction in onboarding cycle time and 70% reduction in false positives.

The brand boasts a database holding 2 billion individuals and 400 million companies, while ComplyAdvantage also scans over 150 million reputable media articles per month to ensure only good customers are accessing your services. 

Conveniently, the easy-to-integrate solution available can be tested for free by smaller fintech firms thanks to the ComplyLaunch program.


Known historically as one of the go-to solutions for lenders to help make fast credit risk decisions, FICO also offers fraud prevention software. 

Its Falcon Intelligence Network claims to be the “world’s largest consortium of payments data” and the firm also has a team of 60 fraud data scientists to help organizations run extensive research on their customers. 

Put simply, FICO analyzes consumer behavior preferences and uses patented machine learning models to stop risky CNP transactions

The self-learning AI models analyze transactions and user behavior, detecting previously unknown behavior patterns and unusual actions. 

They also offer biometrics and behavioral capabilities for complete coverage of KYC checks, which include:

  • keystroke analysis 
  • facial recognition 
  • document verification
  • voice recognition 


Founded in 2018 in Munich, Germany, HAWK:AI is a modern AML surveillance firm with explainable AI for transaction monitoring, screening, and customer risk rating.

As a customer of HAWK:AI, you can use your own pool of third-party data for sanctions and PEP checks – which can be implemented easily to stop obvious risky transactions, including those coming from high-risk countries. 

Companies can finetune their ML models in a sandbox environment with real customer data. For each of these, they will receive a whitebox explanation that gives an easy-to-understand conclusion. 

Another benefit of this vendor is the ability to create your own thresholds for risk, with rules and AI prompts that combine to identify suspicious payment activity and behavior patterns. 


LexisNexis is a multinational company with compliance and analytics products across the board, including some aimed at handling risk, fraud, and AML. 

The brand’s Digital Identity Network is built up of more than 30 billion global transactions each year, with an average of 82,000+ fraud events added daily. This holds data on logins, payments, and new accounts to help you make the right decisions when faced with a new customer.

Following numerous acquisitions of previously leading companies such as Emailage and ThreatMetrix, customers are given the option of either using one of these as a full end-to-end solution or building a security stack own using individual products. 

ThreatMetrix is a device-focused solution used to detect bot attacks and other malicious techniques through a combination of device, behavioral, and connection analysis.

Emailage is an email intelligence solution that connects attributes such as IP addresses, domain names, and other data sources to highlight potentially risky signups.

LexisNexis products stack very well together but, unfortunately, some customer reviews state that it is not as easy to get one of these to play well with products from other vendors.

What Does Feedzai Offer?

Feedzai is a complete risk management and AML platform with multiple channel partners available to boost its offerings.

Focused on serving retail banks, corporate banks and PSPs in particular, the firm’s RiskOps Platform is its most comprehensive product. It features AI-powered AML transaction screening, visual link analysis and whitebox explanations. 

Feedzai’s BionicID models track a user’s behavior to highlight potential account takeover attacks, reduce false positives and limit poor shopping experiences by analyzing customers’ actions as they take them. 

Data scientists and risk ops can implement their own ML models via the OpenML Engine, with Feedzai promising an average deployment time of around four weeks, per the official website.

They also offer up-to-date global sanctions, PEP lists, and adverse media checks as well as other data plug-and-play data sources.

Finally, quite a neat solution also on offer is prebuilt SAR filings to accelerate your reporting to the necessary agencies.

Why Look for a Feedzai Competitor?

Since Feezai is deployed by 80% of Fortune 500 companies as well as four of the five largest banks in North America, it’s fair to say that for smaller businesses, one reason why you might look for an alternative is price. 

Because of Feedzai’s indisputable domination of legacy banking, its solutions are less likely to address the needs of smaller ventures out of the box.

Furthermore, companies with small risk teams could find themselves overwhelmed by the number of solutions and products available, or not find as strong a use case for them. 

The #1 Fraud Prevention Platform Loved by Fraud & Risk Teams

With more than 280+ reviews, SEON is the market leader and G2’s best fraud detection solution.

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While Feedzai would be a sure fit for any tier 1 banks and larger PSPs, companies with fewer customers and less revenue might prefer to look elsewhere.

Modern risk management and fraud prevention tools can easily be layered with one another now, so understanding your business requirements and the difficulties you are facing is vital before choosing any platform. For example, if your company is not looking to handle chargebacks, a firm that offers chargeback protection insurance could be the best bet.

So, consider your requirements carefully before you pick a vendor, and ask every question you have before committing.

Feedzai Competitors FAQ

What cheaper alternatives are there to Feedzai?

Feedzai does not share its prices on the open web, so it would be best to check in with its sales team to gauge whether or not it would be a viable investment.

Where can I learn more about Feedzai?

We would recommend checking out the official website for more in-depth explanations of their solutions – as well as other review sites such as Gartner and G2. Don’t forget to also read this head-to-head coverage of SEON vs Feedzai.

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