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Why Choose SEON over Emailage?

SEON Protects the Entire Customer Journey — End to End

Emailage offers email data enrichment to assess your customer’s fraud risk. SEON offers similar email address analysis but allows you to combine that data with a phone lookup tool, IP and card BIN lookup, user authentication via device fingerprinting, and compliance tools for KYC and AML.

While point solutions offer fixes for specific fraud scenarios, they often fail to expose unseen risks or prepare the business for growth and fraud exposure in other parts of the customer journey. An end-to-end fraud solution will protect against all fraud risks, supporting your business’ full fraud needs, no matter what new tricks fraudsters try to throw at you.

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: Point solution
  • SEON: End-to-end solution

SEON Utilizes the Value of Real-Time Digital and Social Signals

A customer’s digital and social signals, or their ‘digital footprint,’ can be a powerful way to measure fraud risk. They tell us a lot about a customer in lightning-fast time. For example, are they who they say they are? Are they trustworthy? Or are they making transactions that indicate fraud? Some common digital and social signals are:

  • The customer has a limited digital footprint = the average email is linked to 8-10 online accounts; significantly fewer reflects risk
  • Access to Spotify, Disney+, Netflix = The customer is paying regular subscriptions
  • Use of LinkedIn = Likelihood of employment (which can be manually verified)
  • An account with Airbnb = The customer has passed Airbnb’s KYC check

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: 10+ social and digital checks, uses historical data and real-time data
  • SEON: 90+ social and digital checks, uses real-time data for a full and up-to-date picture of your customer

SEON Leverages Data Collected Via Device Fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting is the process of collecting information about the device a customer is using, investigating hundreds of real-time data points without slowing down your customers. This allows you to spot and stop activities such as multi-accounting, malicious devices, and account takeovers.

SEON’s device fingerprinting solution was specifically designed to fight fraud. It allows you to spot suspicious users and bots before they access your platform. You can also couple device fingerprinting with SEON’s powerful risk scoring and custom to unleash its full fraud-fighting potential.

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: No device fingerprinting solution offered
  • SEON: Hundreds of device, browser, and software data points uncovered and analyzed

Stay In Control With SEON’s Transparent, Customizable Scoring

Customiable risk scoring allows you to control decisioning, even when supported by machine learning. Look for a solution with out-of-the-box rules to get you started and customizable rules you can easily update as your fraud exposure and business needs change.
While both Emailage and SEON offer industry preset and custom rules so that you can finetune your risk scoring system, only SEON offers whitebox machine learning. Whitebox machine learning gives lightning-fast anti-fraud decisioning with the transparency you need to stay in control. SEON’s blackbox machine learning also delivers greater accuracy. A mix of both gives you fast, accurate, and controllable decisioning to support your custom rules.  

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: Preset and custom rules and blackbox machine learning
  • SEON: Preset and custom rules, plus whitebox and blackbox machine learning

SEON is Designed for Ease of Use and Integration

Platforms that aren’t intuitive or don’t integrate well don’t get used. Make sure your purchase doesn’t become a burden. Opt for an API-first solution that can ‘plug and play’ for fast integration and ensure your provider gives you access to a team of experts who optimize your integration and deployment.

In addition to the modular APIs both Emailage and SEON offer, SEON and Emailage come with a graphic user interface so that your fraud team can run manual queries, review and manage user actions, risk scoring, and team activity all in one place.

You can start using SEON to catch fraudsters on day one, and a team of experts will assist you with every step of the integration process.

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: Modular API, plus graphic user interface
  • SEON: Modular API, plus graphic user interface

Compare Comprehensive Solution Pricing Against The Cost of Fraud

Purchase decisions often come down to price, but don’t let a decision to save a little now cost you significantly more down the line. This is often the case with point solutions, which don’t scale with your business or give you the full protection you need. The cost of fraud when it hits almost always outstrips the investment costs. Whatever solution you go for, make sure you test it with a free trial.

SEON offers a free plan and free support in addition to paid plans starting at $599/month. For Premium Support, speak with an expert for a bespoke solution fine-tuned to your needs and requirements.

Both solutions offer a free trial to test all product functionalities before you commit to a paid subscription.

SEON vs Emailage

  • Emailage: Unknown cost
  • SEON: Offers a free plan, paid plans start at $599/month.
Compare SEON with Emailage for Yourself

SEON’s advanced APIs and device fingerprinting provide fast, scalable fraud prevention solutions, no matter the size or ambition of your organization.

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