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Compare SEON vs Kount

We hope that this breakdown of SEON and Kount will help you in making a decision on the best risk management products for your business.

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research, including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test every tool. This article was last updated in Q1 2023. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

About Kount 

Kount is a digital fraud prevention firm focused on enterprise businesses globally, boasting a 15,000+ client base as well as over 30 technology patents.

Founded by Brad Wiskirchen initially “on the back of a napkin during a sushi lunch”, the company was acquired by Equifax in February 2021.

Wiskirchen, now General Manager of the firm since the takeover, stated in an interview with that many lessons were learned during the pandemic and that 2022 will see rapidly improved customer journey processes and digital enablement, benefiting both retailers and consumers alike.

Key Products

  • The Identity Trust Global Network holds data from the company’s 13-year existence with records of over 32 billion annual interactions across 250 countries, 75+ industries, 50+ payment processors and card networks. 
  • Command is the firm’s flagship product that provides an end-to-end solution for online businesses that deal with card not present (CNP) transactions
  • Central is a four-staged solution focused on credit card payments, typically tailored to payment service providers and their merchant portfolio. 
  • Control focuses on protecting logins, accounts, and databases from malicious account takeover. 

Pros of Kount
  • Chargebacks: In a case study with a client, The Source, the firm showed their ability to improve risk management at larger retailers driving their chargeback rate down from 0.8% to 0.45%. They also offer merchants a chargeback guarantee.
  • Specialized ecommerce focus: With a partner list that includes brands including New Balance, US Polo ASSN and Staples, Kount has developed its core products to ensure enterprise merchants are able to automate processes and remove risk with minimum input. 
  • Automated + customizable rules: Easily set up rules that align with your businesses needs to cut down manual reviews and auto release orders that show no signs of risk.

Cons of Kount
  • Static data: With over 13 years of experience, the company holds masses of data that can be used to halt fraudsters, however, it is important to factor that data can quickly become stale or out of date.
  • Shopify restock: It has been reported that when Kount cancels an order it does not automatically restock those items which appears to be a limitation between them and Shopify.
  • Transaction loading times: Some online reviews have reported a loading time of more than 15 minutes to add new orders to the site.
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SEON Vs Kount Features Comparison Table


SEON Sense


Data aggregation
IP AnalysisYesYes
Email data enrichment YesYes via Kount Identity Trust Global Network
Phone data enrichmentYesNo
Find user social mediaYes, checks 50+ platformsNo
Device FingerprintingYesYes
BIN for transactionYesYes
Behaviour trackingYes, via custom rulesYes
User authenticationVia cookie and browser hashVia Kount with 3DS2
Risk analysis
Custom rulesYesYes
Machine learning suggestionsYesYes
Industry preset rulesYesYes
Risk scoreYesYes via Omniscore
Integration / deployment
API callsYesYes
Modular APIsYesNo
Custom API fieldsYesYes
Chrome extensionYes No
Manual queryYesYes
Graph visualizationNoNo
Team managementYesYes
Integration with other toolsYes, via ZapierYes
Chargeback guaranteeNoYes
Free integrationYesNo
Free supportYesYes
Free trialYesNo
Cost per monthFlexible tiered pricing based on API requests starting from €99.N/A

Where SEON Wins Over Kount

  • SEON enriches data by also checking more than 50 social media accounts in real-time to create a fuller digital footprint of a user. This enables you to make a more informed risk assessment decision.
  • A more modern UX design which makes for an easy to use, intuitive platform.
  • Real-time data enrichment beats stale data as it provides a direct overview of the given customer’s social footprint, all in real-time.

Where Kount Wins Over SEON

  • Kount differentiates itself through a direct focus on the impact of chargebacks for example its chargeback guarantee business model.
  • Specialized knowledge of ecommerce space.

G2 Comparison

SEON vs Kount Conclusion

Choose SEON if
  • You are actively seeking direct involvement with risk management processes and looking for a fraud prevention partner with industry expertise to maximize profits, hit targets and minimize false declines.
Choose Kount if
  • You are an enterprise brand with a heavy offline retail footprint as well as an online presence. Their chargeback guarantee offers a safety net for larger retailers who deal with huge amounts of returns, whether friendly fraud or with malicious intent.

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