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As global losses to payment fraud continues to increase (projected to cost $40.62 billion in 2027), protecting your business with the best fraud prevention and detection software is vital to stop fraudsters in their tracks, maximize revenue and protect true customers.

This article will break down Ekata’s product offerings and offer six alternative solutions for you to research and make the right decision for your business.

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research, including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test every tool. This article was last updated in Q3 2023. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

Best Ekata Alternatives 

CompanyCore FeaturesNotable ClientsSummary
  • digital profiling
  • whitebox AI transaction monitoring
  • industry presets + customizable rules 
  • email, IP + phone data enrichment analysis
  • advanced device fingerprintingAML screening
Nubank, Air France, KindredMore in-depth customer profiling and flexible rules, AML screening, free package.
  • biometric authentication
  • device fingerprinting
  • IP, email + phone analysis
  • blackbox AI transaction monitoring 
  • document verification 
Novibet, Monzo, easyJetComplete KYX platform (Know Your Customer, Business, and Transaction).
  • IP, email + phone analysis
  • device fingerprinting 
  • identity and address verification
  • OTPs
  • blackbox AI transaction monitoring 
  • biometric authentication 
Doordash, Hello Fresh, ZooskSingle solution product to cover all payment fraud concerns.
  • chargeback guarantee
  • IP, email + phone analysis
  • big data analysis
  • blackbox AI transaction monitoring 
  • identity and address verification
Samsung, Toys R Us, BirkenstockChargeback guarantee and automated actions 
  • whitebox AI transaction monitoring
  • IP, email + phone analysis
  • chargeback management integrations with Verifi, Ethoca
  • device fingerprinting
  • identity and address verification
New Balance, Staples, CD BabyPayment fraud specialists, especially for ecommerce
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What Does Ekata Offer?

Ekata, a Mastercard company, offers a range of fraud prevention and identity verification solutions to businesses globally – including AliPay, Microsoft, Stripe, and Airbnb. 

The brand supports organizations to identify good consumers as well as spot bad actors in real time during the most important stages of the customer journey: account opening and payments.

Its products are powered by the proprietary Ekata Identity Engine that combines the company’s data network and graph visualization to deliver a detailed, holistic view of any customer that enters your site. Its machine learning algorithms analyze Ekata’s network, as well as other global data providers, examining five key customer attributes (email, phone, name, physical address, and IP).

Previously known as Whitepages Pro, the company makes use of its identity verification product suite that’s verified over 1.8 billion requests per month in 238 countries.

Ekata’s product offering breaks down into five key products:

  • Pro Insight Identity Review
  • Account Opening API 
  • Transaction Risk API
  • Address Risk API
  • Phone Intelligence API

Why Look for an Ekata Alternative?

One reason why you might look at an Ekata alternative is to gain access to live data, instead of relying on its proprietary database. Features like reverse email and phone lookups can add further insight into any customers that look to transact or sign up on your website. 

Ekata uses data aggregated from more than 200 million monthly queries – which is a powerful metric, yet there is a risk this data can become stale over time. Some companies will require access to live data.

In certain international markets, data can be limited. For a database to be most effective, it needs to be updated regularly as working with an outdated blacklist can lead to false positives, which means a poor customer experience and potential churn.

Certain users of Ekata note in reviews that the quality of data tracking can vary, in particular when analyzing some international markets, so understanding what your strategy needs are is important. As well as this, others highlight the need for more insight as to why the risk score was given to a certain individual.

Five Ekata Alternatives 

The fraud prevention space is stacked with innovative products, and subtle differences in product offerings can make a huge difference on aspects such as your customer insult rate. 

Here are just a few examples of other solutions that could be better suited for your requirements.


Features & Use Cases 

SEON offers businesses access to real-time data enrichment, a powerful scoring engine, and a whitebox machine learning system with flexible rules that can be customized to your business requirements.

Our email and phone lookup is the most comprehensive digital profiling product available on the market, combining OSINT and data enrichment to present information from over 90 online networks and platforms, including user picture, bio, and profile info.

With this, businesses are able to verify customers during onboarding, transacting as well as login, plus any other action you might want to check such as withdrawals.

This, tied in with the rules you set for machine learning, results in a risk score based on the data submitted. For example, the solution will highlight potential risk and the risk score will increase if an account has no digital footprint whatsoever, since that is highly unlikely for legitimate consumers.

We also offer a comprehensive fraud detection and prevention end-to-end platform that combines the above with advanced device fingerprinting and data enrichment analysis that’s fed into an automated whitebox machine-learning system.

AML screening is also available via a dedicated module, and you can quickly check people’s names in the relevant government and regulatory databases to ensure compliance.

Based on rules set by your team, the algorithm provides an easy-to-understand explanation for the risk score to automate decisioning, speed up manual reviews, and stop fraudulent activity.

Ekata alternative SEON admin image

Companies using SEON have seen impressive results, from 94% accuracy in fraud detection to more than 99% automated approval rates. 

The preset industry rules range across ecommerce, iGaming, banking, online lending, BNPL, and crypto, with automated suggestions from our machine learning algorithm the more data that’s fed through it.


Features & Use Cases 

Another company offering 100% chargeback guarantees on all approved orders, including protection against item not received (INR) claims, is Signifyd.

Signfyd’s offering has been developed to completely automate payments and risk at scale, using its identity network to prove the identity of your customers in real-time. 

The network evaluates transactional and behavioral data across the thousands of merchants they work with and across over 100 countries globally. 

The solution’s strong customer authentication (SCA) module streamlines customer authentication by only triggering any level of multi-factor authentication when necessary.

For the main fraud prevention module, you will probably want to look at the Commerce Protection Platform, which focuses on account protection, abuse prevention and payment optimization.


Features & Use Cases

Sift supports businesses to reduce fraud and increase revenue with its real-time, blackbox-based machine learning Digital Trust and Safety Suite.

The suite is built on top of a data network of more than 34,000 sites they work with, as well as real-time analysis of 16,000+ signals to spot suspicious behavior. 

It encompasses all of Sift’s key API modules including its account takeover solutions (Account Defense), a payment protection module, a dispute management module, and a content integrity solution, all to stop bad actors and safeguard the integrity of your brand.

Some of Sift’s standout statistics include the claim to be able to reduce chargebacks by 80% or more, decrease manual review time by 80%, and increase accepted order rate by 2-5x after switching from a legacy system.


Features & Use Cases 

Jumio offers a complete end-to-end identity verification and fraud detection platform based on 500 million identities from over 200 countries.

The products are fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations and its features include machine learning for fraud detection, live video, document and ID verification, as well as barcode and NFC scanning.

Jumio offers industry preset rules that can be tailored to detect potential fraudsters and minimize false positives, as well as data aggregation capabilities to spot trends ahead of time.  

The technology is used across many industries with some noticeable business partners including HSBC, United Airlines, and telecom operator Singtel. 

Originally purely an identity verification service, Jumio acquired Beam Solutions in 2020 to add a transaction monitoring solution to its stack. They also partnered with ComplyAdvantage to launch an AML screening product to complement the ID verification suites.

Companies can use this to spot people listed on global sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), watchlists, and other banned media lists as well as flag other suspicious accounts.


Features & Use Cases 

Kount supports business with fraud prevention AI products powered by its Identity Trust Global Network, consisting of 32 billion data points, over 200 countries, 75+ industries, and 50+ payment processors and card networks. 

They provide fully automated machine learning, a chargeback guarantee, and fully customizable rules to create a defense best suited to the needs of your business. Orders are automatically accepted or declined in less than 250 milliseconds.

Despite being based on more legacy tech, Kount has developed a strong reputation, with reports of reducing manual reviews up to 83%, false positives up to 70%, and chargebacks by 99%. 

Also, Kount offers an integration with Chargebacks 911, which has helped improve compliance, risk mitigation, and chargeback instances. 

In a case study with ClickBank, this integration coupled with Kount Control saw chargeback dispute successes increase more than three times the average win rate (72% vs. 21%).


In our consideration of Ekata alternative solutions, our purpose was to highlight the many subtle differences between the products available on the market, as well as how important it is to understand what your business requires when faced with fraud and risk. 

Ekata is a complete anti-fraud identity verification platform which, for scaled businesses looking to upgrade on their existing legacy product stack, might be a massive influence. However, for smaller businesses, Ekata’s individual enterprise-grade APIs or even an alternative that’s more cost-effective and tailored to your needs could be a better choice. 

Our rounding comment is this: Take the time to work with your risk team, understand your pain points, consider where your defenses have gaps and your growth plans, and then explore the many products available. 

Ekata Alternatives: FAQ

What are cheaper alternatives to Ekata?

  • Since Ekata doesn’t offer a price on its site, it’s hard to judge. However, for SMBs, an API-based, multi-layered defense is likely to be a more affordable route. 

Where can I learn more about Ekata?

  • To read more about Ekata and how it compares to our own solutions, you can check out this article. If you’re looking for more information on costs and benefits, visit the Ekata website to organize a demo. 


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