Barion – Leading Payment Gateway Saves 50% Work Hours and Keeps Acquiring Costs At Bay

Barion – Leading Payment Gateway Saves 50% Work Hours and Keeps Acquiring Costs At Bay

Sándor Kiss

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About Barion

The Barion promise is a simple one: make payment smarter. This means a prepaid or credit card digital wallet that lets customers buy online or via smartphone, completely free. For merchants, it’s all about unbeatable transaction fees and complete control. Barion allows e-shops and mobile apps to accept payments through their payment gateway.

So what makes people call Barion the “New Paypal”? An innovative business model that leverages payment data as a way to lower processing costs. This is part of their win-win-win strategy, where they grow while customers and merchants reap the rewards of easier, more affordable payments. Currently serving 3700+ merchants across the CEE region and with a database of 1 million consumer profiles, the strategy seems to be a winning one for Barion.

Barion’s Fraud Challenges – Payment Fraud

Barion knows perfectly how to process payments. Fighting against fraudulent ones, however, became increasingly complex as the company grew. “We were spending 10 minutes of manual review on suspicious transactions,” Sandor Kiss, CEO says. “And the number of reviewed transactions was x3 times that of the chargeback rate, so we knew our system was inefficient there.”

Prevent and Detect Payment Fraud Better

Payment fraud prevention is the key to safer and healthier business growth. We take a look at what systems must be in place for it to work.

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Moreover, their working hours did not meet the needs of the Always On economy. “Our suspicious transactions happening at night or at the weekend had to wait,” Sandor continues. “This created a constant backlog, which put a real strain on the next working day.”

Finally, keeping the fraud rate as low as possible is a calculated and effective strategy for growth. “If our acquiring partners must spend money on security, they have to raise their prices,” Sandor says. “So a solid fraud prevention solution helps us keep acquiring costs at bay, which is primordial to our business model..”

If our acquiring partners must spend on security, they have to raise their prices. So a solid fraud prevention solution helps us keep acquiring costs at bay.

Deploying SEON: Instant Results

Saved work hours


Cut down manual review time by


After trying out several fraud prevention tools, Barion settled on SEON. Sandor says:

Our team instantly fell in love with SEON’s outstanding UX and UI. And the features kept impressing us, as blacklisting is a key feature for us.

The benefits of deploying SEON were immediately felt. “By letting the engine run 24/7, we considerably decreased the workload for our fraud managers and removed any potential bottlenecks, ” Sandor says. “And speeding up manual review times from 10 minutes to 60 seconds was simply tremendous.”

Finally, Barion is certain that SEON continually improves, helping them remain competitive and future proof. “Our team isn’t just pleased with the decreased fraud rates,” Sandor concludes. “They also love that SEON’s fraud detection with machine learning system continues to learn and becomes better at helping us each day.”

Want to see how SEON’s machine learning works? Check out our Knowledge video below:

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