The Relentless Rise of Esports Betting – Responsibility vs Compliance

The relentless rise of esports and esports betting has been bolstered even further by the pandemic.

In this session, we looked into the past, present, and future of this highly innovative industry. What are the key considerations to safe market growth and how should we balance that against ethical and moral issues like age concern.

We had the right stakeholders in this live panel to discuss this. Co-founder and CEO of Esports brand Rivalry, Steven Salz has been at the forefront of intense growth, industry expert Ian Smith, commissioner at Esports Integrity Commission whose own organization’s success and influence have been down to a more pragmatic regulation as an enablement stance and the co-founder and MD of Esports Insider, Sam Cooke with his own unique expert analysis and commentary. The host was our Business Development Manager and former WoW pro player, Daniel Sebes.


  • Is there even any market regulation? – Past, present, and future.
  • Maintaining an ethical and fair market – What responsibilities do key players in the market hold?
  • Target audience maturity vs profits – Challenges, solutions and the current state of affairs.
  • Which player has the most influence and impact?
  • What does the future hold? What will be an inflection point of change? 


With the pandemic, will this be seen as the defining moment where positive change is exacted in this industry or will we be swept up in the growth story and neglect the opportunity to do so in the name of profits?

The webinar concludes as usual with a round of questions from the audience and answers from our guests.

We were very honoured to have such a great panel for the occasion, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

Watch our webinar to learn about where this rapidly rising industry is headed.

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