Fraud and Prevention for Fastloan Companies

This webinar focuses on the world of online microfinance.

The aim is to present the current status and pain points of the industry and to show solutions that technology can offer.

We would like to find that fine line where we can offer relevant information for fraud and IT specialists but keeping it conversational so managers and business developers who are new to the topic can gain an understanding as well. 


  • Most relevant fraud types in the microfinancing industry: defaulting customers, digital ID profiling, customer authentication with a frictionless experience, etc.
  • Leveraging existing company data. The challenge isn’t to gather more data, but to make sense of what’s already there.
  • Connecting data points to create rules and screening: how to reduce manual workload by automation.
  • Machine learning vs human intelligence: why they should work hand-in-hand.
  • Presenting the SEON platform and its features: what we can offer your business for better results.
  • Relevant case studies from SEON clients: Real-life problems and solutions.

Watch our webinar to learn about the world of online microfinance.

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