How to Perform Email, Phone and IP Checks – SEON Tutorial

Watch how to verify users with our digital footprint tool.

How to Erase Data From the System – SEON Tutorial

Learn how to erase data from your SEON platform permanently.

How to Find Your License, Production and Sandbox Keys – SEON Tutorial

Learn how to find your SEON license, production, and sandbox keys with Akos.

How to Use Blacklists, Whitelists, and Custom Lists – SEON Tutorial

Learn how to use blacklists, whitelists, and custom lists with SEON.

How to See, Filter and Export Data Logs – SEON Tutorial

View what your anti-fraud team has been up to by exporting data logs.

How to Define Role Groups and Team Privileges – SEON Tutorial

Fine-tune your team management within the SEON fraud prevention platform.

How to Set Up Risk Rules – SEON Tutorial

Set up your first rules on the SEON platform with Balint!

How to Use the Sandbox Mode – SEON Tutorial

Test new rules and settings away from your live environment with sandbox mode.

How to Invite Team Members – SEON Tutorial

Explains how you invite new team members to your SEON fraud prevention admin panel.

How to View, Filter and Export Transactions – SEON Tutorial

See how to maximize the efficiency of the transaction page on your SEON dashboard.

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