Guide to Fraud Scoring

Most fraud prevention and detection tools deliver results via fraud scores. But what do they measure, and how exactly do they work?

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How to Reduce Shopify Fraud

SEON now offers fraud protection tools for Shopify store owners. Here's how it works and how you can reduce Shopify online fraud today.

Fraud Detection APIs – How Can They Help Reduce Online Fraud?

Fraud detection APIs allow businesses to monitor, understand, and reduce online fraud. But how do they work, and how can they help you?

Digital Onboarding & KYC Compliance

See how SEON's digital onboarding tools let you onboard customers smarter and safer.

Data Enrichment for Fraud Prevention and Detection: How Does It Work?

In fraud detection and prevention, the more data you have, the more prepared you are.

Machine Learning and AI for Fraud Detection: Learn How It Works

Fraudsters change their attacks based on your business model and risk management techniques. Learn how machine learning and AI can help your defense be up-to-date.

Device Fingerprinting for Fraud Detection: How Does It Work?

See how device fingerprinting is used to fight against fraud.

SEON Dashboard Update

The SEON Dashboard got a little facelift – find out more here.

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