Safer Digital Bank Onboarding – SEON Webinar Highlights

Are you a digital bank trying to onboard fewer fraudsters? Learn about safe digital bank onboarding in this SEON webinar.

Predicting Loan Defaults – SEON Webinar Highlights

Would you like to predict who will default on an online loan? Data enrichment may be the answer. Learn more in this webinar.

Bonus Abuse in iGaming – SEON Webinar Highlights

Watch our webinar on iGaming bonus abuse, including tips and tricks from SEON fraud prevention on reducing fraud and managing signup risk.

Online Lending and Fraud – SEON Webinar Highlights

Online lending is a challenge when you are working with few data points for your credit scoring. This SEON webinar discusses tips and tricks.

Online Gambling Fraud – SEON Webinar Highlights

Watch the highlights of SEON's iGaming fraud webinar diving into the most relevant fraud types in the gambling industry such as multi-accounting, bonus abuse and gnoming.

Ada Lovelace, Former iGaming Fraudster – SEON Podcast Snippet

In episode 2 of the SEON Cat & Mouse podcast, we hear from the side of the fraudsters. Well.. former fraudsters turned consultants: Ada Lovelace.

Jacqueline Hart, Trust & Safety at Patreon – SEON Podcast Snippet

The SEON Cat and Mouse Podcast is the place where you'll hear from both fraudsters and risk managers. In this snippet, you'll hear insights Jacqueline Hart, Trust & Safety Manager at Patreon.

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