Betflag Leverages SEON to Combat Bonus Abuse and Improve Efficiency by 20%

Betflag Leverages SEON to Combat Bonus Abuse and Improve Efficiency by 20%

After launching its generous bonus policy, Betflag experienced a surge in individuals creating fake profiles to take advantage of the offered bonuses. To tackle this issue, Betflag relied on manual identity verification processes. This proved time-consuming and inefficient.

Betflag decided to implement SEON due to its ability to gather a substantial amount of data and provide easy management through the platform. Luigi Settimii, Head of Technology Governance and Demand, stated:

SEON’s integration process with Betflag required only two weeks to implement and test. The ease of integration allowed Betflag to quickly start utilizing the fraud prevention capabilities of SEON, saving valuable time and resources

Luigi explained the experience of using SEON:

“The ability to analyze and cross-reference data provided by SEON has been instrumental in identifying our genuine customers while detecting and preventing bonus abusers. It’s been especially crucial for us, identifying suspicious email addresses used solely for gaming the system. The Caller Name Delivery feature has been vital in providing additional insights to help combat fraud effectively.”

Eliminate Bonus Abuse & Multi-Accounting by up to 90%

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The implementation of SEON has resulted in a 20% reduction in the time required for manual reviews, and this has been shown to significantly enhance the efficiency of the verification process. Betflag has also observed a 15% decrease in bonus abuse cases – culminating in a substantial reduction in fraudulent activities. 

Luigi concluded by saying:

“We are really pleased with SEON’s evolving platform. Having new updates and functions really enhances our fraud detection and helps us to stay ahead of emerging fraud techniques.”

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