Oxylabs Utilizes SEON to Block Bonus Abusers, Saving 80% of Manual Review Times

Oxylabs Utilizes SEON to Block Bonus Abusers, Saving 80% of Manual Review Times

Online privacy has never been more important, and Oxylabs helps businesses capitalize on this via the use of proxies – from residential proxies to dedicated datacenter proxies – which helps businesses stay secure, among the many other uses these solutions have. However, even a solution designed to keep companies protected and fraud-free can still be subject to new kinds of fincrime.

Oxylabs was facing users exploiting their free trial with multiple account creation as after launching the option they noticed a sharp spike in multi-account creation. 

Soon the company was faced with people trying to game the very system they’d created to help users. While they managed to quell some of the initial rises in multiple account abusers with manual reviews, approvals with the help of their third party processor, this approach was not foolproof and came at the cost of the team’s time.

As Vaidotas Šedys, Oxylabs Head of Risk Management puts it:

The pricing structure SEON offered perfectly fits Oxylabs’ search along with the in-depth device fingerprinting and modular design of SEON.

 After implementing SEON, Vaidotas said:

We are able to accurately detect multiple fraudulent accounts without manual effort with better accuracy. Seeing an 80% time saving on manual reviews along with an 80% drop in manual queries. All culminating in a lot of time saved for other business functions.

Improve the Speed of Manual Reviews by up to 80%

Allow rapid decision making for a frictionless onboarding experience. Leaving your team more time to help your business grow.

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Vaidotas concluded:

SEON is a highly flexible platform where multiple data elements can be inputted in its system for automated high-decision making. The rules assignment and scoring system are greatly customizable and we are excited to see what else we can do with SEON as we continue our journey together.

For more information on Oxylabs please visit Oxylabs.io

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