Rebtel Catches 30% More Account Takeover Attempts While Securing International Payments

Rebtel Catches 30% More Account Takeover Attempts While Securing International Payments

Daniel Martinez


Rebtel has redefined the landscape of international calling for migrants, expats and nomads worldwide. By slashing international call costs by a remarkable 98%, Rebtel not only captured and solidified its position in the international communications market but also evolved into a multifaceted service provider. They’ve widened their offering to include international money transfer options like cash, pick-up, mobile wallet and bank transfer deposits. This expansion and commitment to seamless international services marked a new era for Rebtel. 


However, accepting online payments opened the door to the pitfalls of transaction fraud. 

Daniel Martinez, Head of Operations and Risk at Rebtel, explains:

“Our main risk scenario is dealing with stolen cards. For money transfers, for example, we have a complete system to ensure that nobody is paying with a card that doesn’t belong to them. But we did our research and found a lot of [fraud prevention] providers who were not easy to integrate or outrageously expensive.”

What Daniel and his team really needed was the ability to extract more relevant data to feed it into their existing risk management system – without having to go through the whole rip-and-replace process. 


Enter SEON, with its proprietary and easy-to-integrate device intelligence API. This solution elevates Rebtel’s fraud prevention efforts by identifying and tracking suspicious activities in real-time across desktop and mobile devices for Rebtel’s new and existing customers. It provides detailed analysis for device and IP information and digests it into a comprehensive yet easily interpretable risk score, tailor-made to Rebtel’s specific risk tolerance thresholds. 

“SEON’s device intelligence API immediately showed strong results. When you go to our checkout and press “buy,” SEON gets the device data, scans it, scores it, and sends it back to our risk engine immediately in real-time. 

Not only is it cost-effective, but it also excels in combatting a broad spectrum of fraudulent activities, including safeguarding against account takeovers (ATO) – an unexpected benefit that helped Rebtel protect itself from fraud rings that have been attempting to takeover Rebtel’s customer accounts.

Check out what makes SEON’s device fingerprinting unique and what it can reveal for you:

When it comes to securing online payments, Rebtel feels much more confident accepting payments from anyone worldwide. But the level of protection the company can now offer to its valuable customers is what really surprised Daniel. 

“What’s really cool is the way you can set up rules. There is a whole bunch of logic that we’ve just started playing with – the velocity checks when you change the device, the amount spent over a month, and so on. It gives us much more confidence that we can safeguard our customers’ accounts in the long run.


Rebtel knows that stopping ATO attacks is vital to secure their customer’s accounts and at the same time maintain the company’s reputation which it has worked so hard to build.

While it’s still early days in Rebtel’s exploration of the SEON’s features, Daniel is optimistic that numbers will continue to speak for themselves, as his team saw:

30% decline in ATO attacks

50% fewer manual reviews for suspicious account login

Last but not least, Daniel can continue protecting Rebtel and its customers thanks to the ongoing contributions from the SEON Customer Success team.

“With the [SEON Customer Success] team, we just need a couple of clicks to set up new rules. Those guys are helping out almost daily, answering questions, giving tips and tricks – the specialist fraud expert support team is THE best feature.”

As Rebtel continues to explore SEON’s capabilities, the optimism to enhance fraud prevention is high. This journey underscores its commitment to innovation and customer security, promising a safer future for its global user base. 

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Daniel Martinez
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Reduce Account Takeover Attempts by up to 30%

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