Building Safe Onboarding Processes for Digital Banks

A closer look at the onboarding processes of digital banks, and ways to build a complete customer profile at the first point of touch.

This webinar focuses on the registration process of online financial institutions, specifically focusing on digital banks. We will present how identity theft works and how you can spot it. Data enrichment based on the digital footprint of online users will be a key topic. We will show you how this process looks in real-time and what you can gain from examining data at the initial stage of onboarding.

We would like to find that fine line where we can offer relevant information for fraud and IT specialists, but keeping it conversational so managers and business developers who are new to the topic can gain an understanding as well.



  • Facts and Figures.
  • Why are neobanks different?
  • What is the current status and trends in this industry? 

Why is onboarding that important?

  • What is so special about the threats at that specific stage?
  • You will have to deal with fake accounts, identity theft, money laundering questions. 

Detailed analysis of ID theft as a major issue

  • It is a buzzword, but how does it actually work?
  • What are the steps fraudsters take?
  • Where do they get the information? 
  • What can you do at that critical touchpoint? How can you screen without increasing friction?
  • We examine the digital footprint of customers and show you how real-time data enrichment works.
  • And all of that using data you already have at your disposal.

Customer success story

  • How we helped a fully digital bank to prevent unauthorized account openings.
  • What results they got after implementing our APIs.


Watch our webinar to learn about the onboarding processes of digital banks and ways to build a complete customer profile.

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