Your Survival Guide to SIGMA 2019

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by Florian Tanant

Industry conferences such as SIGMA, which will take place this year on the  27th-29th of November in Malta, can be overwhelming for everyone involved.

There’s a lot to see, people to meet, and connections to make. It sometimes leave you feeling like you’ve only scratched the surface and missed opportunities.

This is why we’ve prepared a guide based on our past experience, both as exhibitors and attendants over the last few years.

What You Can Expect From SIGMA 2019

First of all, Malta is the top hub for the iGaming industry. Our CEO is based there, and so are hundreds of leaders in the field. This November, they will congregate at SIGMA along with thousands of attendees to:

  • Connect with existing clients
  • Meet new ones
  • Prospect potential employers with SIGMA careers
  • Learn about new industry trends and challenges

Now, for the challenges of attending the event: this year’s SIGMA will be the busiest yet. The event has increased in size over the last five years, and this year will see 12,500 delegates and visitors from 80+ countries. 

So here is our checklist to ensure you make the most from the event

#1 Examine the Exhibitor List

The full list is already on the SIGMA website here, and you can request a meeting with them directly by clicking on the Plus icon, as shown in the GIF below: 


However, make sure you don’t overreach. It’s best to remain conservative about how many meetings you can take per day, especially because a delayed meeting will have a knock-on effect that will mess up your whole schedule.

This is why it also to think strategically about where you will meet as well as who you will meet. So don’t forget to:

#2 Study the Venue Layout

The Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre is the largest indoor venue in Malta, so you’ll need to make sure you can plan your days around the space.


There is a great interactive version on the website. We would recommend printing it and drawing a path where you will need to:

  • Enter and exit
  • Pin your stand, if you have one
  • Mark nearest toilets and cafeteria for that much-needed caffeine / sugar boost
  • See where your meetings can take place
  • Keep the patterns of vendor locations in mind

#3 Document Your Meetings

You might think you will remember every business opportunity because the last person you spoke to was so friendly.  But after 30 encounters, things start to get blurry. We highly recommend you bring a tablet, notepad or notebook where you can write a few bullet points after each meeting.

Bonus tip: you can attach a business card to the notes (or take a picture of it if you’re going digital) to make sure you don’t mix people up later when you reach out.

#4 Don’t Miss Out On Long Term Opportunities

You might encounter people who are not true “leads” for your product or goal. But word of mouth can go a long way. The person you’re chatting to in the queue to get coffee could be working for a decision maker who you want to reach without knowing it. 

The point is to approach every encounter like potential business, since you’re all here for the same reason: increase business for your company working in iGambling. And it’s a lot easier to make a good impression in person than with a cold email.

#5 Nurture Existing Relationships

It’s tempting to only focus on new business opportunities. But chances are you don’t have regular face-to-face meetings with your current partners. SIGMA is your chance to reach out to them, grab a coffee, or just touch base, even if it’s for a 5 – 10 minute casual meeting.

#6 Learn From the Scheduled Events

SIGMA always has workshops and special events. While it can be hard to dive in-depth on a particular topic, these are great opportunities to catch a glimpse of industry challenges and trends you might not be aware of. They also offer a great talking point, if you happen to meet potential clients and partners there.

#7 Set Up Goals for You and Your Team

Attending a large conference can be expensive. It’s hard to measure ROI on potential business or brand presence, but you can still set goals that will give you an idea of how successful the event was. 

This is particularly true if you’ve already attended SIGMA in the past, as you’ll have a good idea of what kind of business it generated historically. 

#7 Have Fun!


SIGMA is a fantastic event and we’ve loved attending it for the past few years. We’ll be very excited to present our findings on how to curb bonus abuse for online gambling operators and have a good time exploring the venue.

And remember that for any fraud prevention solutions in the iGaming industry, we will be at stand number BR44. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a demo, or a casual conversation to see how we can help your iGaming company reduce fraud and increase profits.

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