Sift-ing out the Fraudsters – SEON in Rising 100 B2B Startups

Sift-ing out the Fraudsters – SEON in Rising 100 B2B Startups

After last week’s great news around SEON’s recent G2 awards, the summer seems to be the season that keeps giving. I’m very proud to announce that SEON was voted number 24 in Sifted’s Rising 100 B2B SaaS startups. Last year we were number 79 so everyone here is both honoured and delighted at the progress and the validation of putting customers, putting customers, innovation, ease of use and time to value at the heart of everything we do. 

Sifted are part of The Financial Times and their Rising 100 award is defined as:

The Rising 100 is a 2023 report from Sifted Intelligence that recognises the most promising privately held companies in Europe and Israel building businesses out of software. We believe these business-to-business, or B2B, companies are “soonicorns”, a few steps away from someday joining the ranks of the $1bn-plus unicorns. Our cohort — a mix of companies at different stages of maturity, product development and funding — are working on diverse apps, sites and platforms designed to kill repetitive tasks, train artificial intelligence, improve automation, combat cybersecurity threats to businesses and more

It hasn’t been an easy 12 months for startups but we’ve been focused on a pretty fundamental problem to solve – protecting organisations and their customers from being the victims of financial crime and fraud. Not only does this help a company reduce the cost of fraud and help look after their customers but the way SEON works means that we can also make it easier for the “good guys” and high value customers to have a seamless and easy experience with a company. 

Our customer focus, innovation and ease translates into some key moments that have helped us be part of Sifted’s Rising 100 list. Over the last year we’ve launched the SEON free pricing tier to help small companies fight fraud, completed the acquisition of ComplyTron to help us become the end-to-end financial crime platform and shared some fantastic stories of companies protecting their customers from Revolut to Soft2Bet to Felix Pago. Many thanks to Sifted for the recognition. 

On the subject of the SEON platform and its capabilities, we were also very happy to be featured in Gartner’s latest “Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Online Fraud Detection and Prevention” by Dan Ayoub (who’s one of Gartner’s lead fraud analysts). When we talk about SEON as a financial crime platform it really breaks down into a few key areas:

  • Pre-fraud “first touch” fincrime detection. Using our unique social and digital footprinting capabilities. 
  • Full end-to-end fraud monitoring. Across user registration, login, events & activity monitoring, transactions etc, combined with ML and our Admin Panel
  • Anti-Money Laundering. Checking for PEPs and sanctions against sources such as FBI & Interpol most wanted lists to help detect fincime 
  • Full API platform. SEON has full set of APIs to allow you to access the capabilities you want programmatically or from code, other tools, systems or data platforms. 
  • Data enrichment and access. Through the SEON APIs, it is easy to use SEON for data enrichment as part of a wider technology ecosystem

It was great to be named in the Gartner report and the pre-fraud, digital footprint and link analysis called out specifically. We’ve got some exciting platform related things lined up the rest of this year so stay tuned. 

As always, thanks for reading


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