G2 Summer Report Sees SEON Lead in E-commerce Fraud Prevention

G2 Summer Report Sees SEON Lead in E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Hi everyone. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far and there have been more summer beaches than security breaches. It doesn’t seem long since I was writing our spring G2 blog post, but the seasons come around fast, which means a quarterly update (and small celebration) of SEON’s G2 profile. This is one of the most important factors that we look at inside SEON as it reflects the customer experience our organizations have when using our platform and engaging our most excellent customer success team. Everyone loves a prize and this time around we had a physical badge to pick up (thank you G2!).

G2 results allow us to see how we stack up to our competition and see which industries we are doing well in. This summer’s G2 results gave us something new and pretty exciting. We were voted the leader in 4 categories, our top position being first in the overall Grid® Report for E-commerce Fraud Protection | Summer 2023 a result we are very proud of here at SEON.

A huge thank you to all those people who voted and our customers who help drive us further forward in our mission to beat fincrime. Our rating has remained high at 4.6 and we have now received 271 reviews in total,   Some of my favorite quotes from this campaign season have been:

It’s refreshing to have a tool that is so effective and immediately beneficial. The team at SEON is incredibly responsive and has been instrumental in addressing all our concerns.

The depth of data it can analyze is impressive, and the precision in its risk scoring system ensures that genuine transactions are not incorrectly flagged.

We have improved security with it, maintaining the confidence of our stakeholders and consumers. Our ability to avoid fraud proactively thanks to the software has contributed to our solid reputation in the market

Finally capping off this season are the first results of the Enterprise Grid report, which we are incredibly proud to say we have positioned first in, resulting in being #1 in 12 categories from G2 – our most ever! Many thanks to the G2 team and most of all to the fantastic customers we work with.

For more examples from our customers, check out our latest video case study with Daniel from Rebtel who we are incredibly proud to work with.

It’s nearly the summer holiday season so I hope you’ve got something exciting (or relaxing) planned. Financial crime never takes a vacation so we’re busy wrapping up Money 20/20 in Amsterdam and helping customers get started with fighting fraud with our new automated batch tester. There is always something happening at SEON, and we can’t wait to let you know more news next quarter.

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